Licklog Players Summer Musical, “Smoke on the Mountain” opens July 25-27 & August 1-3. **Sponsored by United Community Bank**


The play takes place in the sanctuary of the Mount Pleasant Baptist Church in Mount Pleasant, NC, located just west of Hickory near the Blue Ridge mountains. It is Saturday night in June, 1938. The Unite States is in the last years of the Great Depression. Organized religion is at its peak.

Mount Pleasant’s principal industries are farming and pickle production. The Mount Pleasant Pickle Plant has lately begun laying people off at an alarming rate due to the economy. The factory makes everyone and everything in Mount Pleasant smell of vinegar and dill.

Mount Pleasant has a membership of 63-64 when Becca Robinson get baptized next Sunday. Saturday Night Sings by families of gospel singers have become the much needed and highly appreciated entertainment of the time. Gospel-singing families traditionally sing one church on Saturday night, then do a few guest appearances on Sunday morning at other churches in the area. The Sanders are appearing tonight after a five-year hiatus from the gospel-singing circuit. They travel in an ancient bus with “The Sanders Family” hand-painted on the side.