We are proud to unveil our new website.

But first a big thanks to the previous Webmaster, Michael Gora, for doing
a great job on the previous site. Because it was well organized,
it was simple to move the content to the new site.
Thanks Michael and thanks for your years of volunteer service!

We have added several new sections to the website to make it more interactive and informative.

For example, we’ve added:

  1. A photo & video section
  2. A news section that we’ll update with relevant information.
  3. The season schedule is now interactive. A visitor can click on the title
    of an upcoming production to find out details about the production.
  4. All photos on the site, on all pages, expand to a larger photo when clicked.

Be sure to check the news section often to learn about the latest Licklog news.

Here’s what’s on my TODO list:

  1. Add a small form that will enable patrons to sign up for our newsletter.
  2. Develop a seating chart application that will allow visitors to more easily visualize
    which seats are still available for any given production. The application will show
    which seats are available and which have been reserved.

I’m sure the list will grow over time!

We hope you enjoy the new website!

Michael Lindsey