The Licklog Players ocassionally offer Adult Theater Workshops! These can include acting, audtioning, and directing. Check back periodically to see upcoming  dates. Our adult workshops are FREE to the public. Please come and join us here at our new home.

Audition Workshop

10-1pm @ The Rehearsal Hall

Acting Workshop

10 – 1p.m. @ The Rehearsal Hall

Take center stage and learn to act. this workshop will provide valuable and beneficial resource for beginning and intermediate actors, with vital and practical information every actor needs to know.

Directors Workshop

The Directors Workshop is a series of classes ideal for new stage directors and the beginner who are interested in learning to analyze a play, make spacial and conceptual decisions and looking for a forum in which to try new ideas and gain practical experience. The Directing Workshop is divided into three sections: text analysis, staging & composition and production. Students will be asked to mount a one act play in the Black Box in conjunction with Licklog Players.

Licklog for Kids – Children’s Workshops

Our classes are exciting and invaluable and will enrich your child’s life. Children will work on the basics, characterization, movement, speech, diction, and improvisation. They will learn acting and be introduced to music and dance. They will create stage make-up and dress in costumes of the times and show case their talents on stage! Come join the fun