Licklog Players has an abundance of volunteer opportunities for people to be involved in the thrilling experience of theatre. Regardless of your experience level, if you’re interested, we can probably find something helpful and fun for you to do! Our volunteers enjoy working and having fun with the following:

  • Acting – Working in a collaborative environment with your fellow cast members, the director and crew, you’ll find acting to be an extremely rewarding experience.
  • Box Office – The Lobby’s teeming with people excited about seeing the show. You’re the smiling face they see as they purchase their tickets at the window.
  • Reservations – Box office opens two weeks before musicals and one week before plays. Box office hours are Monday-Friday, 9am-1pm. Sign up for a shift to accept reservations.
  • Costumes – We may need a 1920s gangster suit for a 10-year old or a 1950s dress for a debutante. In the theatre’s expansive costume department, there are lots of ways to help. If you can thread a needle or sew a hem, you could be part of the fun.
  • Make-up – Hair and make-up skills range from subtle (Amanda in The Glass Menagerie) to dramatic (the Tin Man in The Wizard of Oz). Sometimes styles change between acts. Be part of the excitement!
  • Set Building – This is fun! Watch the stage come to life under your own hand. We provide the tools and guidance, you provide the energy.
  • Light and Sound – Every stage production lives and breathes as the lights and sound direct feelings and emotions. Detail-oriented people love this exciting work.
  • Backstage – Fast and Quiet! Volunteers change scenery, props and costumes during the several acts of the production.
  • Prop Finder – Are you a flea market pro? We might ask you to find props as diverse as a medieval sword, a huge gong, a cello, or trick handcuffs. Put your deal-finding skills to work.
  • Music – From the orchestra pit, professional and nonprofessional musicians gather to add the final touch of music to the production.
  • Publicity – The success of any production depends on spreading the word! Publicity volunteers write press releases and public service announcements while other volunteers can put up posters at area retail locations.
  • Administrative/Office – Volunteers with clerical and telephone skills are always needed in the office, especially to place labels on and sort the newsletter.
  • Fundraising – From dipping ice cream at our ice cream booth (July 18-26, 2014) at the Georgia Mountain Fair to approaching businesses for financial support. There are lots of ways to help with fundraising,. We count on community support!
  • Food preparation – Join the party! Share your favorite recipe with us for our traditional Opening Night Reception.