Breeds of meat and egg-meat chickens

Feeding chickensLarge, fast-growing chickens of meat breeds in one season are able to provide families with juicy, useful meat, and chickens of egg-meat breeds will also supplement the diet of a poultry farmer with a fresh egg. Modern breeds of chicken meat and egg-meat orientation all attract more attention of owners of personal farms. These birds are strong, early-ripening, fairly hardy and adapt easily to the content in summer chicken coops.

Characteristic features of poultry grown on meat are large sizes, strong bones and a balanced character. According to egg production, many breeds of chickens of universal, meat-and-meat specialization are almost inferior to laying hens of egg varieties, and meat hens are good hens. To increase the productivity of poultry farmers, crosses are actively used today – hybrid offspring from well-known breeds, taking better signs from both parents.

The contents of chickens in portable cagesFor example, to obtain many broiler chicken crosses, representatives of the well-known and favorite in Russia breeds of white Plymouthrock and Cornish meat were used.

Chickens of the Cornish breed

Chickens of the Cornish breedCornish chicken or Cornish meat is an old variety of chickens, derived in the first half of the 19th century, widely known in the middle of the last century not only in Great Britain, but all over the world. The popularity of the birds was won thanks to the ability to give excellent meat crosses.

Today, white Cornish chickens are bred on an industrial scale for this purpose. If we talk about the use of birds in frequent farms, they are quite early, but like all meat breeds, they give very few eggs.

From one white female for a year it is possible to receive 100 – 130 large brownish eggs. A colored bird brings an egg with a bright brown or mottled shell.

Chickens of the Plymouth Rock

Chickens of the Plymouth RockAn American bird from the state of Plymouthrock first became known in the second half of the XIX century. The forefathers of modern meat chickens were representatives of the Brama, Langshan, Cochinhines and other less known varieties today.

To date, Plymouthrock chickens can have one of eight acceptable colors. Industrially, white stock is most often planted, and the bright representatives of this meat variety live on private farmsteads. The popularity of a fairly old breed is supported by the unpretentiousness of birds, their pronounced meat orientation and rapid growth. Already for two months of life, chickens from the union of chickens of the Plymouthrock and Cornish breeds can grow up to 1.8 kg.

Adult cocks weigh up to 4.5 kg, and chickens about 3.5 kg. For a year, layers produce about 170 large light brown eggs.

Broiler Chickens

Broiler ChickensWidely known broiler chickens are not a meat breed, as many beginning poultry farmers think. These crosses are offspring of the inter-breed pairs of Plymouthrock and Cornish birds. Sometimes other broilers such as Jubilee Kuchin, Brahma or Cochinhin are introduced into the broiler chicken program. Such chickens show a record meat performance, but do not pass on their qualities to the offspring, so they are kept only until the collection of commercial weight and go to slaughter.

Chickens of Brama

Chickens of BramaObtaining the meat of the Brahma chicken belongs to the middle of the century before last. American birds were bred on the basis of Asian fighting hens, Kichinhins and other varieties. Extremely large bird turned out so interesting that in 10-15 years it was learned about it in the Old World. And until now, the chickens of this breed are extremely popular in large industrial farms and farmers.

In the world several varieties of Bram’s chickens are grown, the differences in the coloring of these birds, as well as the unusual features inherent in the breed and defining its direction as decorative-meat are clearly visible in the photo. Chubby Brama

By modern standards, Brama roosters can weigh up to 5 kg, and chickens about 4.5 kg. Females are beautiful hens, and for a year they can give about 120 brown eggs weighing up to 60 grams.

Brahma content in cellsWorthy to become an adornment of a private farmstead, the breed of hens quickly adapts to any conditions of content, it is not easy and tolerates the winter well. The bird does not need large walking areas, does not fly and is ideally located not only with other breeds of hens, but also with other kinds of domestic animals.

Chickens of Cochin

Chickens of CochinThe Chinese breed of chickens in Russia began to gain popularity only recently, but in the middle of the century before last, it served the world between Great Britain and the Middle Kingdom. Thanks to the magnificent plumage and extremely large size, the birds were successful not only among peasants and cooks, but also owners of country estates, where the Kohinhin chickens were grown as ornamental.

Representatives of this meat breed quickly and very actively gaining weight. Roosters grow up to 6 kg, chickens a few pounds more easily. At the same time, the bird swings well, giving 120 eggs a year with a brownish shell and bright yolk.

Roosters of Cochin grow up to 6 kgIf at first the Kohinchiny chickens were mostly black or blue, today white and beautiful fawn birds are bred in the farms. Chickens of meat or egg-meat orientation are easy, calm, easy to co-exist with another bird. However, poultry farmers need to ensure that their pets do not overeat, otherwise they face obesity.

Chickens Kuchinsky Anniversary

Chickens Kuchinsky AnniversaryTo deduce the domestic breed of chickens, Kuchinsky Jubilee breeders used representatives of the best varieties of egg and meat meat. As a result, a bird with a decent egg-laying and good meat production was obtained. Truly universal chickens have become a godsend for owners of small private farms and farmsteads that grow poultry for personal needs. For a year the Kuchin hens laying hens give up to 240 eggs, and the adult population grows to 3-4 kg of live weight.

At the same time, the quality of Kuchinskaya Yubileynaya meat is better than that of industrially bred broilers. The bird is not capricious, it can easily endure both heat and winter cold, it is not easy to choose a diet and early ripening.

A characteristic feature of this breed of hens is the difference in the coloring of males and females, so you can easily divide the herd even at the diurnal age.

Red-tailed mini chickens

Red-tailed mini chickensAmong the breeds of chicken meat and egg-meat direction, there are both their giants and dwarfs. Breeders who received chickens of red-tailed whitefish in the UK used a natural mutation, which was manifested in the fact that the legs of the birds were much shorter than those of their ancestors. Chickens of meat and meat specialization by weight do not exceed 1.7 kg and give 150 brown eggs per year.

Mini meat chickens are very popular in European countries. They consume less food, which positively affects the cost of both meat and egg products, and they are unpretentious and simple in content. Today, in addition to the traditional red and white color, you can see birds dressed in white, black and red, gray-black feathers, with cotton and smoky colors.

Inside the breed, mini meat chicken is not bred, but used to produce fast growing crosses that preserve parental habits. They eat little and actively gain weight.

Hens Faverol

Hens FaverolThe Favelol chicken breed has spread in France since the beginning of the last century. The bird gained fame thanks to the original appearance and amazing quality of meat. Excellent consumer qualities of birds are still appreciated. Chickens of meat-egg breed grow at enviable speed, reaching 3-4 kg of live weight, and at the same time give up to 180 brown eggs weighing not less than 60 grams.

With excellent meat performance, unlike other breeds of this direction, the Favelol hens are distinguished by a thin bone. They quickly adapt to seasonal temperature fluctuations, are calm, but can gain excess fat.

Chickens Maran

Chickens MaranFrench meat-eating chickens Maran are not well known to Russian poultry farmers, and in Europe these birds are popular due to their high growth speed, amazing feathering color, bright, almost chocolate eggs and decent meat quality.

Eggs chickens MaranAdult birds are large enough. A rooster can weigh up to 4, and a chicken can weigh up to 3 kilograms. In this case, layers give to the table up to 150 extremely large, weighing up to 80 grams of eggs per year. The uniqueness of the breed of chickens is their coloring. The breed standard stipulates that birds can have white, black, wheat, cuckoo or motley, and golden-cuckoo plumage.

Adler breed of chickens

Adler breed of chickensBeautiful silver birds with decent egg and meat productivity were bred in the Russian South. Adlerskaya breed of chickens has a silvery Colombian color and starts to be carried already from six months. For a year the layers can produce from 170 to 200 cream eggs. Poultry grown for meat, of course, are inferior to the originally meat breeds of chickens, but they are also quite weighty. The rooster grows to 4 kg, and the chicken to 2.8 kg of live weight.

Decent egg-laying in the layers of hens of the Adler breed of chickens persists for 3-4 years, which allows you not to change the herd every year to collect a large amount of valuable dietary eggs.

Pushkin Chickens

Pushkin ChickensBlack-and-white Pushkin hens not so long ago received the status of a breed, but they already won sincere respect from poultry farmers. Some even call this variety of meat-eating birds the best for personal farmsteads. And for such an opinion there is every reason. First of all, the chickens of this meats are distinguished by their endurance, and rapid acclimatization to any, even the harshest conditions.

Pushkin chicken weighing up to 2 kgThey are unpretentious, they are very good at foraging themselves, they find food, they are hasty and stand out against the background of their relatives with high egg productivity.

Roosters weigh up to 3 kg, chicken per kilogram lighter. For a year, the hen can bring about 220 eggs with a light cream or white shell. Chickens of this breed are distinguished by the fact that at a relatively modest weight give a plump attractive carcass.

Chicken Amrox

Chicken AmroxThe ancient American breed of chickens Amrox has a characteristic “cuckoo” color, and according to the standard, each pen should end with a dark stripe. Because of the wider black marks on the plumage, females appear darker than males.

Appearing in Europe, chicken meat-eating directions have established themselves as fine layers that give up to 220 eggs per year, as well as good meat birds. The adult cock grows up to 4.5 kg, the chicken per kilogram is lighter. Chickens Amrox have a calm temper, quickly get used to the new conditions of detention and grow well.

Chickens Holocene

Chickens HoloceneAn ancient breed originally from Romania was originally called the Transylvanian Naked. But after the improvement of the infusion of new blood, the indication of the origin was lost, and the chickens of the holocaust spread throughout the world.

The name of the bird was obtained because of the complete absence of any traces of feathers on the neck. On the rest of the body, the feather also grows unevenly, and some parts of the body are bare, like the neck of birds. With such an original appearance, the chickens of the nerd are meat-meat variety, regularly giving up to 150-180 eggs per year and growing to 3.5 kg in weight.

Chickens of the Moscow black breed

Chickens of the Moscow black breedThe native breed of chickens Moscow black belongs to the meat-bearing direction and enjoys well-deserved love of the owners of small farms and household plots. The characteristic qualities of the breed include unpretentiousness to the choice of feed, the possibility of keeping even in regions with a harsh climate, resistance to common poultry diseases, as well as decent meat and egg productivity.

Already at the age of four months the Moscow black chickens begin to swell and for a year give up to 250 light brown or cream eggs. Yaytsenoskost preserved in winter.

Adult cocks and chickens are not as fat as their meat relatives, but for poultry show good performance. The live weight of the cock leaves 3.5 kg, the chicken – 2.5 kg.

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