Blooming garden in the arms of the Iberian evergreen

Iberis evergreen in the gardenEach person for the rest of his life reaches out to the pristine nature. You can create it in the garden, if you plant an Iberis evergreen. Since the cultivation of these flowers does not require much effort, in a short time the garden will be dressed in a dense flowering carpet. A pleasant aroma and lovely flowers will please the gardeners from early spring to the beginning of hot summer. Who would not want to visit such a paradise? It’s clear that everyone.

Other names of Iberis evergreen are the wall, golden-blossom or multi-petal. It happens both in the form of an annual herbaceous plant, and a perennial low shrub. Initially, the plant was seen in Spain, which in ancient times was called Iberia. Delicate flowers grew on the slopes of the majestic Iberian mountains. Externally, the colonies of Iberis were like light, fluffy clouds. Today, more than 3 dozens of plant species are known.

To appreciate the beauty of the overseas flower

gentle cloud of iberiusAlmost all types of the wall are low-growing plants, which gracefully spread along the ground. Thanks to this, original garden landscapes are created with its help. Iberis evergreen perfectly feels among the stones on the Alpine hills. When flowers blossom early in the spring against the background of dark green leaves, there is no limit to admiration.

The plant is appreciated for its external beauty and unsurpassed aroma. This fact should be taken into account by those who are allergic to smells.

The low bush of Iberis grows to half a meter. It has a lot of dense branches, which are tree-like at the bottom of the bush, and tender and flexible at the top. Dark green leaves of small size are located close to each other, creating a solid cap. Shoots usually grow vertically upward, sprawling. Photo Iberis evergreen helps to consider all its charms. Iberis on the Alpine Hill

The known species of this plant today are:

  1. Bitter. It is a small-size version up to 30 cm. The flowers are white with a delicate purple hue. Iberis bitter
  2. Umbrella. Annual plant, up to 40 cm high. Dense inflorescences of pink or lilac shade. Differ a strong aroma. iberis umbrella
  3. Gibraltar. A long half-shrub. Has corymbose inflorescences of purple. Iberian Gibraltar

In general, we can say that Iberis is an original fluffy plant with an unusual inflorescence.

Methods of growing Iberis evergreen

planting of Iberis evergreen seedlingsIn order to breed in the garden of the Iberis, no excellent skill is required. Since the plant is unpretentious, it can be planted in any sunny part of the garden. The plant is suitable for such types of soil:

  • sandy loam;
  • stony;
  • drained.

Often it is used for the design of rock gardens. Photo planting Iberis evergreen and caring for it gives an idea to plant lovers how to do it competently.

seedlings of IberiaThere are such methods of plant reproduction:

  • seed sowing;
  • division of bushes;
  • with the help of cuttings.

Before you start breeding Iberis, you should decide which method is best to use.

To sow annual flowers is reasonable when the soil warms up well. At this time, the seeds are lowered into the prepared wells. To increase the flowering period of the Iberis, the process can be repeated. Seedlings appear after 1-2 weeks.

Reproduction with the help of cuttings begins after the plant blossoms. For this purpose, strong shoots are selected, cuttings from them are cut to 7 cm and planted in separate pots. They put on a bright place and watered. Over time, the cuttings take root. In autumn they are planted on beds.

To cuttings quickly become entrenched, a special primer should be used. It includes land, sand and peat.

You can also reproduce Iberis if you carefully cut a shrub into small fractions. This method is acceptable for the autumn period. The bushes are not watered, because at this time of year there is enough rainfall.

Perennial species of Iberis evergreen should be regularly fertilized to protect it from disease. In addition, it will produce more succulent flowers. And the plot will become a floral oasis of pleasure.

Acquaintance with Iberis – video

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