How useful is a lemon for the human body?

Lemon has a huge number of beneficial propertiesSour taste of juicy pulp of citrus fruit, traditionally considered an effective remedy for cold, in many people is associated with the autumn and winter period of massive ARVI. But how useful is the lemon in reality? What is in the composition of the fruit worthy of medical attention? And are there any contraindications to the use of lemons?

The tastes and medicinal properties of lemon were estimated by our ancestors a few thousand years ago. Fruits were respected in India and China, and a little later they appeared in Egypt and the Mediterranean countries, becoming practical relatives for these regions.

Greeks considered zest and acid flesh an effective antidote, healers in China recommended drugs with lemon as wound-healing anti-inflammatory drugs. A hundred years ago, as a sedative, doctors prescribed lemon lotions.

And about the benefits of lemon with colds and do not have to say! Sweet hour with a circle of fresh fruit is the best drink, when the temperature is raised, the throat hurts, and on the face all the rest are signs of respiratory illness or flu. The use of lemon will improve your well-being

What substances in the lemon help people for millennia not to lose faith in the usefulness of sour fruit?

The composition of the lemon

Drink from a lemon drink on an empty stomachThe properties of lemon are determined by its composition, which is dominated by moisture, mineral salts, dietary fiber and sugars, vitamins and, of course, citric acid. It is to her, and not as ascorbic, as they mistakenly believe, many, the fruit owes a unique taste. But from afar recognizable smell of fruits is a composition of volatile aromatic compounds, which also contribute to human health and well-being.

What vitamins in lemon are most beneficial? First of all, it is traditional to note vitamin C or ascorbic acid. Although, as it became clear, lemon lovers should not be grateful for their fresh taste, but thanks to the high concentration of this vitamin, the inclusion of fruits in the menu helps:

  • normalize the metabolism;
  • strengthen the immune defense of the body;
  • replenish energy reserves and simply maintain yourself in a beautiful mood.

Lemon is a low-calorie fruitThe useful properties of lemon are influenced by the presence in the pulp of vitamins A and D, E and P. The presence of the latter from vitamins is characteristic of almost all citrus fruits, for which the compound was called “citrine”. Widely represented in the pulp of a lemon is a large group of vitamins B.

In addition, ferric yellow citrus contains iron, potassium, calcium and magnesium, sulfur and phosphorus, manganese, copper, zinc and many other compounds that have an active effect on the human body and its health.

With the help of lemon it is possible to increase the immunity of the childWhat is useful lemon yet? It is a natural source of pectins, dietary fiber and moisture. A small amount of sugars allows a laconic answer to the question: “How many calories are in lemon?” Compared to other favorite and famous fruits – very little. One hundred gram of pulp accounts for only 15.8 kcal.

All the most important and valuable component of the pulp remains citric acid. Her people and owe most of the useful properties of lemon, in demand in various areas of traditional and traditional medicine, in cosmetology and dietology.

Therapeutic properties of lemon

Although the pharmaceutical industry offers people more and more new medicines, the useful properties of lemon are not only not forgotten, but are also increasingly used in the treatment and prevention of various, painful conditions for the recovery and strengthening of the human body. What is useful lemon, and how it is used for health purposes?

The acids and vitamins that make up the fruit determine its anti-inflammatory, anti-sclerotic, immunostimulating and rejuvenating effects.

Such a complex effect allows us to talk about the benefits of lemon for those who have suffered serious diseases, surgical interventions and injuries. The inclusion of fresh fruits in the menu will allow you to quickly rehabilitate, strengthen your strength and immunity, in order to withstand the possible complications and infections.

The use of lemon for colds

Tea with lemon and honey will speed recovery with coldsThat is why already since childhood, lemon is recommended not only in the presence of cold symptoms, but also in the period of mass diseases.

After all, the medicinal properties of the lemon help and transfer the already existing disease more easily, and successfully withstand the infection. In addition to a beneficial effect on immunity:

  • stimulating sweating, lemon helps to cope with heat;
  • acidic fragrant fruit pulp has a disinfectant, drying effect on the mucous, calming the inflammation and facilitating the course of the disease;
  • ascorbic acid in the lemon provides the body with the energy needed in a difficult period.

Headache and other signs of malaise will facilitate the wiping of temples with fresh lemon peel.

A good preventive measure in the autumn-winter period will be warm tea with lemon and ginger, honey and medicinal herbs.

How useful is the lemon for the body?

Lemon is effective for cardiovascular diseases. When introduced into the daily menu, the amount of harmful cholesterol in the blood decreases, accordingly, the risk of developing atherosclerosis and other dangerous ailments decreases.

Lemon will help to gently lower blood pressureOften asked: “Does lemon raise or lower the pressure?”. Since the fruit contains a lot of acids, then under their influence, blood pressure decreases, and unlike many medicines, the lemon does it very gently, and the effect persists for a considerable time.

The benefits of lemons for patients suffering from liver dysfunctions, abnormalities of the stomach, joint and muscle pain persist even after gentle cooking of fruits, for example, after making jelly, jams, fruit purees or syrups.

Acid citrus excites appetite, quenches thirst well, invigorates. To achieve this effect, it’s enough to put a slice with a hot drink or make a homemade lemonade.

Lemon drink gives good effect with reduced acidity of the stomachWhat is useful for a lemon for the body if a person suffers from digestive disorders? If the dysfunction is associated with a low acidity, the introduction of small portions of this fruit or its juice into the diet will help:

  • facilitate the patient’s condition;
  • relieve bouts of eructation;
  • intensify the digestion of food;
  • get rid of unpleasant symptoms associated with increased gas production and severity.

Lemon perfectly cleanses and tightens the skin of the faceCosmetologists and most women know about the benefits of lemon for the skin of the face. Fruit acids actively purify, rejuvenate and tighten the skin. Thanks to the bactericidal, anti-inflammatory property of the lemon, you can shortly, without resorting to costly procedures, cope with purulent eruptions, irritation and other manifestations of acne.

Lemon in Pregnancy

The question: “Is it possible to make lemons during pregnancy?” Asked many women around the world. On the one hand, it is an excellent source of vitamins, but on the other hand, any product in the pregnant menu should be not only useful, but also safe.

Useful properties of lemon can be in demand even in the period of expectation of the child, especially if the woman suffers from attacks of nausea and other manifestations of toxicosis of the first half of pregnancy.

The fruit will protect against colds and strengthen forces, but for all the benefits of lemon, harm can not be ruled out in this case. A risk factor for a future mother may be an allergic reaction to fresh citrus pulp, as well as its increased acidity.

Consumption of lemon in pregnancy should be limitedThe closer the childbirth, the stronger the child presses the stomach and other digestive organs. Therefore, if a woman suffers from excessive acidity, the ingestion of an additional amount of acid necessarily provokes heartburn, pain and other symptoms that worsen the well-being of the future mother.

In addition, during pregnancy, the addiction to acidic food can adversely affect the state of tooth enamel.

Therefore, no matter how useful lemons, during pregnancy to their use should be treated as carefully as possible. And include it in the menu is better after consulting with the treating specialist and the appropriate examination.

Contraindications to the use of lemon

In the pulp of fresh lemon found mass of biologically active substances. There are vitamins and mineral salts, organic acids and other compounds that exert their influence on the human body. But as it often happens, every medal has a downside. If fruits are included in the diet mindlessly, without taking into account the characteristics of the organism and the available medical contraindications, a person risks to feel not only the benefits, but also the harm from lemons.

At what diseases should not you abuse the fresh lemons? Contraindications include:

  • gastritis with high acidity, when getting into the digestive tract of lemon pulp will only exacerbate the picture;
  • ulcerous disease of all parts of the intestine and stomach.

You can not drink lemon with increased acidity of the stomachLike other citrus fruits, the lemon can cause allergic reactions, accompanied by itching and irritation of the skin, respiratory symptoms, headache, and cutting in the eyes. If a person has a predisposition to food allergy, the immense consumption of fresh fruit and juice often causes serious malaise.

Do not give lemon to young children, and also use cosmetic products on its basis, when the skin is eroded or fresh abrasions.

Lemon – this is a useful fruit, but the maximum benefit from it can be felt only with moderate, reasonable use.

Video about the amazing properties of lemon

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