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Different kinds of aglaonemaThe name of the plant Aglaonema comes from the Greek words “aglaos” – bright and “nema” – the thread. Quite unpretentious at home, the culture blossoms almost throughout the year, and sometimes forms small orange or red fruits.

However, the attention of flower growers to the Aglauna is not attracted by long flowering or even bright beads of berries. The main ornament of the plant is ornamental foliage, depending on the variety and species of Aglaonema, which has a green, silvery, yellowish, pink or red color. The shades on the leaf blades are so bizarre that novice lovers of indoor plants sometimes doubt the natural origin of this or that spectacular specimen. Choose the plant suitable for your house will help presented in the article photo aglaonemas of different types and varieties with a description.

Decorative species of Aglaon

Variegated AglaonemaMost species of Aglonaeum have oval-pointed glossy foliage with clearly defined veins and a strong short stem. There are varieties with wedge-shaped leaves. At the same time, wild plants with green or mottled foliage prevail among the wild-growing Aglaones, the appearance of which is given a light green, silver or white strokes.

Nevertheless, Aglaonema rotundam also has foliage in nature, on the dark green background of which there are clearly visible thin red, carmine or pink stripes running along the veins. A leaf plates Aglaonema pictum are covered with spots resembling camouflage.

Aglaonema modest or moderate (A. modestum)

Aglaonema modest or moderate (A. modestum)In nature, the Aglaonema is modest in the tropical zone of China, Bangladesh and Taiwan. Here, as in the home, it represents a highly branching evergreen plant with a mass of bright foliage.

Of all species of Aglaones, these plants are considered the most unpretentious. Culture at home easily transfers the content in a shaded place, which can adversely affect the foliage of other varieties. The height of representatives of this species is 45-55 cm.

In addition to the variety with evenly colored leaves, there are subspecies with a mottled oblong-elliptical foliage. The length of the leaf plate varies from 15 to 25 cm. The surface is smooth, glossy.

Aglaonema rounded (A. rotundum)

Aglaonema rounded (A. rotundum)The decorative low aspect of the Aglaonema is distinguished by the heart-shaped pointed foliage of a dark green hue. The leaves are very bright and unusually thin, passing along the veins of the strip. The color of such “jewelry”, depending on the grade Aglauna, varies from white to bright crimson.

Aglaonema ridge (A. costatum)

Aglaonema ridge (A. costatum)In the humid tropics in the south-west of Malaysia, wild specimens of Aglonaeum ribbed still occur today. Among related species this species is recognized as one of the smallest. Leaves ovate or oval in length do not exceed 13-20 cm, and their width is almost two times smaller. On dense leathery leaf plates of bright green color, you can see whitish strokes of different saturation and size.

Aglaonema costatum immaculatum with a flat green leaf plateIn addition to the variegated variety, the species Aglaonema includes the variation of Aglaonema costatum immaculatum with a flat green leaf plate on which only the middle vein remains white.

Aglaonema painted (A. pictum)

Aglaonema painted (A. pictumThe trunk is densely leafy, well, especially at the bottom, branching. The leaves of this species are elliptical, somewhat elongate. Their background color is bluish or silvery-green. The spots on the surface of dense sheet plates are formless, and their shade can be either white or gray, or light cream.

Presented in the photo of Aglaoname painted varieties differs not in two-color, but in Tricolor, that is, in three-color foliage. The homeland of this species is Sumatra and Borneo, where plants up to 60 cm high are found under the canopy of the tropical forest.

Aglaonema curly (A. crispum)

Aglaonema curly (A. crispum)Plants of this popular species of Aglaonema reach a meter high. In this case, the trunk is densely covered with a bright elliptical foliage of almost silver color. Green strokes on the leaf plates are noticeable only along the very edge and along the longitudinal vein. The length of such a beautiful leaf usually reaches up to 30 cm. Its edge can be slightly wavy.

Aglaonema changeable (A. commutatum)

Aglaonema changeable (A. commutatum)The pattern on the leaves of this Aglaonema is thinner than that of the previous species. But the dimensions of the bush and the dimensions of the leaf plates are very similar. Today, effective varieties of Aglaoneme of the species with different numbers and saturation of white spots on leaf plates have been obtained.

A video about the Aglaonema and its varieties will introduce an unusual indoor plant and help you choose one or the other.

Descriptions and photos of Aglaoname varieties

At the disposal of lovers of indoor plants is not one hundred magnificent varieties of Aglaonema with green, mottled, foliage, and also painted in all tones of white or red.

Aglaonema Crete

Aglaonema CreteThe height of the popular variegated Aglaonema Crete reaches 70 centimeters. Stems of plants are erect, densely covered with oblong-ovate leaves with an incredibly bright coloring. Gamma in this variety includes several shades of green and red, which attracts considerable attention of growers to the variety. The leaf length of the Aglaoname variety presented in the photo ranges from 12 to 15 cm. A central impressed vein is visible on the leaf plate, which appears on the back side of the leaf.

Aglaonema Silver King

Aglaonema Silver KingPhoto of Aglaoname Silver King gives a complete picture of the appearance and dimensions of a houseplant, able to fit into any interior without taking up too much space. A compact plant with green-silvery foliage, which animates a lighter pattern on the center of the leaf plate.

Aglaonema Maria Christina

Aglaonema Maria ChristinaThe foliage and appearance of the Maria Christina plant resembles the previous plant, but here the white color on the foliage prevails, making the room culture even more unusual and remarkable. The height of the perennial plant at home is about 60 cm, and elliptical pointed leaves with a curved central part reach a length of 20 cm.

Aglaonema Cutlass

Aglaonema CutlassIf the coloring and foliage of the Aglaoname, depicted on the photo, does not surprise the connoisseurs of culture, the shape of the leaves is very remarkable. It is not oval, but pointed-wedge-shaped.

Aglaonema AnYaManee

Aglaonema AnYaManeeOne of the most popular varieties of red aglaonema with large heart-shaped leaves. The foliage coloring is complex, including several shades of green, located along the central vein and at the very edge of the leaf plate. The central part of the leaf of Aglaonema is red or pink, and green spots are scattered over this background. Young foliage is lighter and finer, but as it develops, the colors become brighter and more saturated.

Aglaonama Siam Aurora

Aglaonama Siam AuroraThe coloring of the leaves of the Aglaoneme of the type of the Author of Siam, very much resembling the gamma of the above-described plants, is, in fact, their mirror image. The center of the leaf blade is mottled, green, and the edges and longitudinal veins are crimson or red. Pink and petioles, as well as a truncated, almost imperceptible trunk of the plant.

Red aglaonemy enjoy the constant love of flower growers, but today there are no less popular varieties with white or almost yellow foliage.

Aglaonema Super White

Aglaonema Super WhiteThe “super white” Aglaonema is distinguished from a number of relatives by bright foliage, where the green color is preserved only along the edge in the form of a thin border and spraying, and also at the base of the petiole. The plant is compact, unpretentious, but requires maintenance in a lighted place to maintain the brightness of the foliage.

Aglaonema Sapphire Suzanne

Aglaonema Sapphire SuzanneGently-lilac cuttings and veins of compact plants of this variety stand out clearly against the background of dark dense foliage. If you look closely, the pink border passes along the edge of the sheet plates. For this interesting variety Aglaonema, as in the photo, besides bright foliage, there are fairly large inflorescences with a yellowish cob and a white dense veil.

 Video about Aglauneme

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