Photos of the Cleveland Flower and interesting facts

Blossom cleavage on the windowsillHaving seen a photo of a flower of a cleavage, a houseplant, you involuntarily begin to look for this miracle. The fan of leathery leaves up to 75 cm long and a huge bell cap of different sizes on a long arrow are delicious. Within a week, large gramophones are gradually opened, and they are pleased with their appearance for about a month. In winter, when there are so few bright colors, the clivia gathers the admiring glances of the household.

Conditions of flowering of the Cleavia

To yearly admire the beauty of a flowering plant you need to know a lot. If the plant does not receive proper care, victorious flowering, as in the photo, the flower of the cleavage can not wait. It is necessary to create a natural environment for the plant, as in the tropics:

  • Under the shadow of tall trees, the bright and bright rays of the sun dissipate, not burning the leaves;
  • Evaporation comes from the earth and is always moist in the air;
  • warm rains wash the leaves;
  • the warming of the forest litter;
  • excess moisture is filtered through the sand in depth;
  • The prosperity season is replaced by a drought and a lowered temperature.

For the amazing bloom of the Cleavia, tropical conditions are neededIf you are ready to create houses of the tropics, then the cleavage in the photo will be a flower from a fairy tale.

Why the bloom does not bloom in the home

The first and most common reason for the lack of flowering experts call the violation of the biological cycle of the plant. To flowering was in the midst of winter, you need to create a tropical winter in the apartment. This means that the 3 month Cleavia flower is contained in Spartan conditions. Gradually reduce, then completely stop watering the earth’s coma. The temperature decreases by this time to 100 C. In an apartment such a place can become a north window or a far corner of a cold room.

The plant will not bloom if it did not have a period of restWintering is over, how to make a clivet blossom? The plant is removed, washed often with warm water from under the shower, gradually increase watering and make seasonal fertilizing. The faster the shooter develops, the more opportunities to create a secondary peace and organize a summer flowering. Each next flowering is preceded by a rest period.

In addition to violation of the content, the reason why the cleavage does not bloom, there may be other factors.

If the flower arrow is very short and the flowers nest between the leaves, the content temperature is to blame. They did not notice the arrow in time and overheated the flower in the cold. Here’s a short curve of the flower spike. Another reason may be a lack of potassium and phosphorus fertilizers in the land. They must prevail over nitrogen. But if the bloom is short, then the high temperature on the window is to blame.

Once the plant with the released arrow is arranged for summer maintenance, it is no longer disturbed or even turned.

What if the cleavage does not bloom at all? If the plant is young and obtained from seeds, it will blossom in the fourth year. The flowers grown from the layers should be thrown out even earlier. If there is no flowering, you need to make a long period of rest from October to March. And before that, it is necessary to feed up with phosphorus-potassium fertilizers. Blooms! As soon as the arrow appears, the plant needs to create a tropical summer.

Too tight or spacious pot is not conducive to the release of the peduncleMaybe the plant is planted in a large bowl, and until it fills the cavity with roots, there will be no flowering. Only close crockery will provoke rapid multiplication of the plant with seeds to other meadows.

For a clevis, the optimum humidity is 40%. However, this parameter is not critical for flowering

You need to study your roommate. Not all varieties bloom twice. It is useless to drive a flower out of nature.

For other reasons, why the bloom does not bloom, damage to leaves and roots can be attributed to diseases and pests. The leaves have turned pale, which means that they produce insufficient nutrients. But maybe this is not working well rooted from stagnant water roots. Maybe insect pests pull the juices from the plant. Any deviation in the care of the cleavage affects the flowering.

What kinds of Cleavis are used in home maintenance

Clivia Garden blooms in winterOf the many varieties of the Cleavia, only three beautiful varieties live side by side with humans:

  • Gardena;
  • Beautiful;
  • Cinnabar.

It should be borne in mind that the plant is poisonous and should be placed in a place inaccessible to children and animals.

Clivia Garden blooms only once, in winter. It has wide leaves resembling a belt, and a tall flower box with a basket, as in the photo. No tricks will force you to release the flower spike twice.

Flowering cinnabar cleavageA characteristic feature of cinnabar or variegate (as a variety) clivia are the brushes of drooping flowers. They are collected in tubes, petals with a green on the tips. There are 30-70 pieces of such bells on the peduncle. The shades of red, yellow create picturesque combinations. This type of clivia is a favorite for breeders.

Buying a flower, you need to weigh the possibility of creating conditions in advance, so that the plant is pleased with the annual blinding blossom.

Annual flowering of the Cleavia – video

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