Unique properties of jojoba oil and its use for face skin

unique properties of jojoba oilVegetable oils are widely used in cosmetology, folk and traditional medicine. Due to the rich biochemical composition and excellent grooming effect, jojoba oil for the face is a valuable source of beauty, youth and health.

Simmondsiya Chinese, of whose fruits this product is obtained, is a native of the New World. Today, due to the huge demand for oil, the plant is actively grown not only in the US and Mexico, but in most of South America, Australia, northern Africa and other regions of the world.

application of jojoba oil for faceWhat is so useful for jojoba oil for the face? In modern medicine and cosmetology, the product is, first of all, valued:

  • for the richest composition, including organic acids and vitamins, mineral elements and proteins;
  • due to easy absorption into the skin, on which the oil does not leave a feeling of stickiness, difficult to wash off the film or other traces;
  • for the composition close to the skin secret;
  • for resistance to oxidation and the possibility of long-term storage.

The sphere of application of jojoba oil for the face is determined by its biochemical composition, that is, those substances that the product receives from ripe walnut kernels.

Composition of jojoba oil for the face

jojoba oil of cold pressingThe product, obtained as a result of cold pressing, is strikingly different from the usual kind of vegetable oils. It is more like a molten, golden shade of melted wax. Unrefined liquid retains a light aroma, which disappears after cleaning.

The main part of jojoba oil is monounsaturated fatty acids. Their beneficial effect is supported by vitamins, proteins, structurally reminiscent of skin collagen, micro- and macronutrients. The composition includes components that have a beneficial effect on the skin condition. Among them:

  • gadoleinic, erucic and oleic acids;
  • vitamin E and compounds, united in the group of vitamins B;
  • zinc and copper, silicon and chromium.

Facial treatment with jojoba cosmetic oil is suitable for all skin types. The product does not cause negative reactions about the sides of sensitive covers, does not provoke exacerbation of allergies or other manifestations of discomfort.

Adding oil to creams, serums, emulsions, other caregivers and cleansers can soften the skin, increase its elasticity, relieve irritation, purulent inflammation, characteristic of acne, and smooth out wrinkles:

  1. Vitamins E and A activate the restorative processes in tissues, reduce the intensity of inflammation, accelerate the healing of wounds and abrasions.
  2. Amino acids – a source of nutrition and the basis of natural rejuvenation.
  3. Proteins are an organic building material. Their presence and ceramide in oil also help maintain elasticity and uniform tissue density.
  4. A bouquet of fatty acids and lipids perfectly nourishes and conducts moisture deep into the tissues.
  5. Mineral compounds also come with a list of nutrients, they support the tissue structure.

jojoba oil for face care

Thanks to the rejuvenating effect and the ability to smooth wrinkles, jojoba oil for the face is widely used in the care of mature, fading, sensitive skin.

In addition, the natural product has mild protective properties, preventing discomfort and damage from ultraviolet radiation, extreme temperatures, wind, improper or inadequate care.

Properties of jojoba oil

cream with jojoba oil for faceThe skin of the face more than in other parts of the body, is exposed to all sorts of dangers. Vegetable oils have long been used to protect the gentle covers, restore and rejuvenate them. Jojoba oil is the best for this purpose.

Among the properties of a unique product:

  • powerful anti-inflammatory action;
  • ability to withstand fungal and bacterial infections;
  • catalyst for natural regeneration of skin;
  • protection from external influences and aging.

In addition, jojoba for the face perfectly softens and helps moisturize the skin. Absorbed in the tissue, it carries with it moisture, and then “closes” it inside, giving the skin a healthy, resilient appearance, supporting a clear contour of the face.

Application of jojoba oil for the face for medicinal purposes

jojoba oil against psoriasis and eczemaAs a component of face care, jojoba oil and its properties are used with regular care of the skin and its treatment. A valuable plant product is useful in such unpleasant diseases as psoriasis and eczema.

Due to the softening, anti-inflammatory and wound healing action inherent in the oil, the affected skin gets relief. It no longer suffers from itching, puffiness and redness disappear, the covers are smoothed and actively restored. The resulting scars are reduced, their relief is smoothed.

When signs of disease appear on the face, jojoba oil helps prevent such dangerous complications as fungal and bacterial infections. This effect creates an invisible thin film that covers the damaged skin and prevents harmful microorganisms from settling on its surface.

jojoba oil to restore the epidermis of the skinOil is rich in substances, not only removing inflammation, but also pushing recovery. Therefore, a cream with jojoba oil for the face will be an excellent SOS-therapy:

  • with sunburn;
  • if the skin is damaged after a long stay in the frost;
  • with redness and irritation due to improperly selected make-up.

Not only will vitamins and fatty acids help quickly to part with the imperfections that appear, the oil gently raises the immunity of the veil and strengthens their internal protection.

Jojoba oil is practically non-allergenic and can be used on all types of skin without age restrictions.

Application of jojoba cosmetic oil for face

jojoba oil for skin of different agesNatural oil from the seeds of the South American shrub has universal application. A wide range of caring components helps to cope with the problems of both young and mature skin.

For face care, jojoba oil in its pure form is used as a component of creams, masks, emulsions for oily, problem skin, susceptible to acne.

Oil, not mixed with other substances, will benefit as an active cleanser, which in passing:

  • soothes;
  • dehydrates the foci of inflammation;
  • protects the integument from the spread of infection;
  • Smoothes appearing on the place of acne scars.

Thanks to the fact that the oil maintains the water-lipid balance, the face becomes pleasantly matte, and its oily sheen disappears.

Working as a natural antioxidant, simmondsy oil has a significant benefit to mature, aging skin. In doing so, it acts gently, without causing side reactions and without irritating the most sensitive covers. Therefore cosmetologists recommend the use of jojoba oil for wrinkles on the face, neck, decollete zone.

point use of jojoba oilWith age, the amount of secret produced by the skin and serving as its natural protection gradually decreases. The face suffers more often from dryness, leading to wilting, loss of tonus, the appearance of wrinkles. Age changes and related problems, if not stopped, roll like a snowball.

Jojoba oil not only inhibits the aging process, it stimulates the growth of new cells, supports the water-lipid balance.

By combining oil with other medicinal components, you can get unique home remedies for everyday care. A face mask with jojoba oil for dry skin can contain:

  • egg yolk, which has nutritious and softening effect;
  • Bee Honey;
  • aloe juice and other plant extracts.

When caring for oily skin at home, universal aloe vera gel or crushed cucumber, low-fat dairy products and whey, egg white, which perfectly pulls and mats, will help. To bleach pigment spots on the aging skin and maintain a lipid balance on fatty use lemon juice, puree of fresh strawberries or apples.

Jojoba oil: care for the lips, skin near the eyes and eyelashes

jojoba oil for strengthening eyelashesThe skin around the eyes and on the lips is too tender to neglect the care of her. With age, the structure of tissues undergoes changes, weakens, quickly loses moisture and is worse supplied with oxygen and nutrients.

Because of this, wrinkles appear that immediately betray age. Jojoba oil for the face, included in everyday cleansing and caring means will help to correct a situation.


  • restores the skin’s relief, filling and naturally smoothing wrinkles;
  • moisturizes and nourishes, giving the lips firmness and inviting volume;
  • nourishes the hair follicles and stimulates the growth of eyelashes.

If a drop of the drug is enough to care for the eyelashes, neatly distributed around the hairs and the skin around, then it is better to take care of the lips with beeswax, coconut oil and other ingredients.

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