What if the indoor anthurium does not bloom for a long time?

A beautiful interior decoration of anthuriums will be, if they blossomIn South America joke, they say, put an anturium on the ground, and then the plant itself, if necessary, is buried in the ground, climbs up a tree and blossoms. Indeed, in the subtropics and the tropics, where everything is necessary for growth, and the climate only favors, it is not difficult to get bright inflorescences.

But what if the place of residence of the flower is a window sill in a city apartment, and a room anthurium does not want to blossom in any way?

Under the shadow of the tropical forests of Colombia and Ecuador, anthuriums will bloom throughout the year without any effort. Therefore, the florist, who decided at home to get the same spectacular and long flowering, will have to try and create a pet for the likeness of a foggy high-mountain forest.

Why does not the anthurium blossom?

If you violate the rules of leaving the anthurium buds, you can not waitFirst of all, it is necessary to evaluate the conditions in which the plant is located. Sometimes an anthurium does not blossom due to oversight or mistakes made by the florist. And while they can not be fixed, waiting for the appearance of the anthurium buds is not worth it.

Discomfort, which can affect the culture so that it refuses flowering, is associated with different aspects of content. It:

  • insufficient or excessively bright, burning plant lighting;
  • low air temperature at the time of appearance of the anthurium buds;
  • prolonged waterlogging of the soil;
  • insufficient watering, leading to root drying, wilting of the green part and nutrient deficiencies;
  • excessive dryness of air;
  • excess or deficiency of nutrients in the substrate.

Do not forget that the indoor anthurium very rarely forms inflorescences, if for him mistakenly chosen too large pot.

After all, while the root system does not fully occupy all the volume of the substrate due to the plant, the development of the aboveground part is suspended.

Interior decorationNot the best way on the course of flowering affects the stay on the bush of peduncles with already fading inflorescences. Such cobs take away from the plant the forces necessary for the growth and opening of new buds in the anturium.

How to make the anthurium bloom?

For abundant flowering you need good lightingAsking the question why the anthurium does not have peduncles, the floriculturist must first pay attention to the level of illumination in the place where the pot is standing. The duration of the light day and its intensity have a decisive influence on flowering.

Since the formation and deployment of buds in the anthurium occurs in the spring, when the light day is just beginning to lengthen, the plant sometimes lacks light. This is expressed in the stretching of the cuttings of the leaves and a paler color than usual. In this case, the pot can be transferred to a lighter sill or use special lamps for lighting.

For indoor anthurium it is extremely important to be planted in a suitable soil. Often plants suffer from an excessively dense substrate, which does not allow air and moisture to penetrate evenly to the roots, accumulating moisture and causing the multiplication of all kinds of pathogenic microorganisms.

A good soil mixture - one of the guarantors of flowering anthuriumAs a result of illiterate selection of the soil mixture, the plant either dries up or is regularly waterlogged. In the conditions of a misty rainforest, so named because of the frequent rains creating in the air a mist resembling mist, the anthuriums are in moist air and ground. But due to the high porosity of the substrate, the root system of the plant does not suffer and, conversely, actively develops. Anthurium, without ceasing, blooms. A similar mixture can be made at home, mixing:

  • 2 parts of humus;
  • 2 parts of peat;
  • 1 part perlite;
  • 4 parts of the ready-made soil for an orchid.

If there is no substrate for orchids at hand, it can be replaced in the same volume with a chopped charcoal steamed with sliced ​​bark of coniferous trees and small gravel. Such a soil mixture should have an acidity level of 6.5 to 7.0 units.

Anthurium needs frequent watering without stagnant water in the potPlanting an indoor anturium in such a substrate will provide the plant with the necessary nutrition, and will not allow the roots to experience a deficit of air and moisture. They will not be squeezed and easily wrap around the entire soil in the pot.

Anthurium needs frequent irrigation, in which its roots would absorb the entire volume of moisture that has entered the pot.

At home, plants have almost constant rainfall for 6-9 months, so the dried flower will never bloom. For the comfort of the anthurium the soil is kept moist, but not moist. And the need for watering signals the drying top layer of the substrate.

Regularly introduced fertilizers will help support the flowering of anthuriums at homeIf the soil for indoor anthurium is needed moderately moist, then the best humidity is close to 100%. Unfortunately, it is unlikely to create a foggy room anthurium in the conditions of an apartment, but it is extremely important to use all available methods of combating excessive dryness of air.

For this, the plants are irrigated from an atomizer, household humidifiers and other improvised agents are used. Effective is a common pallet, filled with gravel for drainage and flooded with water. Fill a shallow pan with coarse gravel. If you put a pot with a room anthurium on the surface of the gravel layer, it should not come into contact with moisture, but for the plant, the existence will become more comfortable.

Sometimes lovers of indoor plants, who diligently water and transplant their pets, completely forget about such a necessary measure as the fertilization of house plantings.

When the indoor anthurium does not bloom, one of the reasons for this is a lack of nutrients. A loose, consisting of rather large fragments of ground for anthurium can not always provide all the elements vital for the growth, development and flowering of the crop. Therefore, during the active vegetation period, from spring to autumn, the plant needs to be fed.

Anthurium pleases a caring gardener with its appearance and floweringFor this, complex compositions for flowering plants are easy to use, but it must be remembered that an excess of nitrogen can cause increased growth of foliage. But the overfed anthurium will cease to bloom. And sometimes an excess of fertilizers causes the substrate to become sour and develop on young rot roots.

The best way to stimulate the appearance of buds in anthurium is to feed it with a composition with a high content of phosphorus, an element of the most important at the stage of flowering and the formation of ovaries. Today, flower growers are increasingly using granulated fertilizers for a long period of activity. Such funds can be made every three months, and the label should indicate that the fertilizing is intended for flowering crops.

Bought Anthurium ceased to bloom

The afflicted plant can be healed and again made to bloomBeginners of tropical plants are often confronted with the fact that the anthurium, recently bought and amazed by the abundance of flower stalks, has ceased to blossom. At the same time, there is no new foliage on the green pupil. How to help the plant, improve and make the anthurium bloom again?

First of all, it is necessary to transplant this specimen and gain strength. From industrial plantations to counters, most houseplants come in transport pots and a small amount of peat soil, abundantly flavored with fertilizers and chemicals. These funds, the stock of which is designed for a couple of months, makes the indoor anthurium bloom. But neither the roots nor the aboveground part, which also supplies food, develops. If you do not take urgent measures, the plant is depleted and often dies.

After a transplant, the pet needs several months to strengthen and build up the root mass. If you maintain proper conditions, then in spring in the anthurium there will be long-awaited peduncles.

Sometimes the flower growers can not wait for the flowering of young plants, previously not pleased owners with bright inflorescences. To provoke such a room anthurium to form buds, you can use the methods used in greenhouses.

After winter rest, the flower will again give a lot of flower stemsIn late autumn or early winter anthurium is placed in a room with a temperature of 16-20 ° C. In such a room should be light, and if necessary, you can not give up artificial lighting. Watering the plant needs regular, but not as abundant as in the summer months, when the air is noticeably warmer. The primer should be wet, but in no case wet.

After 1.5-2 months, when the crown is replenished with new shoots, the anthurium is transferred to heat and watering is increased. The optimal temperature for this period is 22-24 ° C. Anthurium, not blossoming before, will necessarily release the first flower spike. And the subsequent flowering, if you do not forget about proper care and comfort for the anthurium, will last about six or eight weeks.

How to water anthurium – video

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