What is the use of using dandelion tea?

tea from dandelionsDandelion – a unique flower, it is used for making honey, beer, wine and jam, it lowers blood sugar and has restorative abilities. In folk and official medicine, tea is also gaining popularity from dandelions, the benefits and harms of which are still being investigated by scientists.

The drink is specially prepared. It boils with boiling water or hot water 80 – 100 degrees, so it retains useful properties. Use it to wipe the face from acne and to lighten the freckles, but more often – inside, for the treatment and prevention of diseases.

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Chemical composition of dandelion as a plant

brew dandelion teaTea from the roots of a dandelion, petals, leaves retains the beneficial properties of a flower, except that only fiber is excluded: it is often not taken into account in the broth. Nutritionists are advised to use such a drink with brewing, especially if it consists of fresh parts.

Features of the chemical composition of plants:

  1. Contains fiber. It improves the functioning of the intestines, removes toxins from the body.
  2. In the composition – almost 50% of the daily norm of vitamin A. It improves the outflow of bile, improves the work of the organs of vision, promotes the speedy recovery of the skin with injuries.
  3. Tea from dandelions, the benefits and harms of which are said depending on the amount of tea leaves, remains a source of potassium. In 100 grams of raw materials contains 6 daily portions of vitamin. Normally, the substance supports the work of the heart, kidneys, nervous system.
  4. The drink also has a high level of vegetable fats, B vitamins, iron, calcium, manganese.

They are necessary for the development of immune processes, normal metabolism, maintaining the youth of the body. Tea from the flowers of a dandelion, like other parts of it, enhances its properties when adding honey or lemon juice.

Useful supplements can cause an allergic reaction, like the plant itself. It is better to start using a drink with a couple of sips a day. If there is no redness of the skin, itching or tearing, proceed to the course of treatment with phyto-tea. It is important in maintaining health.

Useful properties of tea from dandelions

for brewing tea use flowers, leaves and rootsScientists of the Canadian Institute, who studied cancer patients, put experience on patients, treating them with phyto-tea. The disease was at the initial stage. It was found that tea from the roots of dandelion from cancer is quite effective. He helped overcome the disease in half the cases. The benefit was to stimulate self-healing processes, the body got rid of toxins, accelerated the regeneration of the affected tissues.

But any use of vitamins, including the use of phyto-tea, immediately after chemotherapy is harmful. You can find out about the possible use of vitamin infusions from your doctor.

Dandelion, which truck farmers consider a perennial weed, reveals useful properties in tea. Drink is irreplaceable in case of common diseases and pathologies:

  1. In diseases of the stomach, like an ulcer or gastritis. But drink at the stage of remission.
  2. With pathologies of the liver and gallbladder. Tea from a useful plant stimulates the production and outflow of bile.
  3. The product is useful for joint diseases. Dandelion extracts are included in the ointments from their inflammation.
  4. Due to the high percentage of potassium, the plant has a beneficial effect on the nervous system. Drink from it – a remedy for insomnia, irritability.

He will help with nervous exhaustion and absent-mindedness. Potassium improves the connection between neurons, so the nervous processes are faster.

Also, the drink is effective in fighting colds, bronchitis and inflammation of the upper respiratory tract.

But herbal medicine has a cumulative effect, this applies to tea from dandelions, it can bring benefit and harm to those who use it in small portions and knows about contraindications. In some cases, this treatment is refused by the plant.

Tea from dandelion parts: possible harm

tea from dandelions is not useful for everyoneTherapy with folk remedies, even infusions and decoctions, can damage health. Before preparing tea from dandelions, carefully study contraindications. Excess of useful substances leads to problems.

  1. Dandelion, because of the same vitamin K, can lead to open bleeding. Especially it is important to know the future mothers and lactating women.
  2. With exacerbation of inflammatory processes in the stomach, tea is also excluded from the diet.
  3. At a stone formation also try to not suppose hit of a dandelion in a diet.
  4. He is refused if using anti-acid drugs that block acid production of the stomach.
  5. You can not drink this tea in parallel with the use of aspirin or certain groups of antibiotics – the risk of bleeding or low absorption of drugs increases.
  6. Do not include in the diet of dandelion and tea from it with diabetes, when the patient takes the sugar reduction drugs. Perhaps the development of glycemia.

Nursing mothers also do not drink decoction of plants because of the ingestion of its ingredients into the baby. The child may develop an allergy. But most people are not in groups with contraindications, so they can feel the benefits of this elixir of health.

Recipes for health tea

healthy drink

In summer it is better to cook the broth on the basis of fresh parts of “weed”, in winter – from dried. Tea from dandelions, the recipe of which is extremely simple, requires a tablespoon of fresh or tea – dried leaves, yellow flowers or a root, and a glass of hot water. The cup is covered with a saucer and left for 5 to 10 minutes. Use a drink in between meals, not on an empty stomach.

The flowers of the plant are torn off with yellow, they do not wash. Young petals or leaves are washed under running water, finely shredded. Dry them in a linen bag in the attic or dry in the oven – at a temperature of about 50 degrees. At this rate, ascorbic acid does not die.

Almost miraculous is the underground part of the “weed”. Before preparing tea from the roots of a dandelion, a biennial plant is found. More useful substances in it are concentrated in the beginning – the middle of autumn.

The root is washed, cleaned of insects, finely cut and dried. If you fry, some vitamins will die, but you will get raw materials for making “coffee”.

But tea is the best that a dandelion can give. A special charm makes him respect the tradition of tea drinking. Serve the drink in a transparent glass, you can add 3 – 4 yellow flowers for beauty. The health drink is ready for use.

Cooking herbal tea – video

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