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fruit strawberries on the windowsillGrowing strawberries at home is a simple task. Follow the directions, plant seeds to grow strawberries at home. Believe me, growing strawberries at home all year round will be a pleasant experience.

It is difficult to find a person who would be indifferent to strawberries. This divine berry attracts with its appearance, amazing aroma and exquisite taste. Since ancient times, a gift of nature strawberries was considered a special food. It was served in the richest houses, in palaces. Over time, it became available to all social categories, moreover, it can be grown even on the windowsill. Do not believe me, then we invite you to get acquainted with the easy way to grow strawberries at home. This is a wonderful alternative to those “plastic” tastes that are on sale in stores and supermarkets.

strawberry on the windowsillIt looks like a beautiful, resilient, amazing color, but it’s worth a bite, as you understand right away – it’s not that favorite strawberry with its amazing taste and aroma. And the production costs not cheap, where it is better to save and all year to be content with the divine taste. So, the advantages of growing a strawberry home:

  • Saving;
  • Natural taste;
  • Lack of chemical stimulants;
  • Harvest the year round;
  • Benefit from implementation.
  • What is necessary for growing strawberries

For planting seedlings of strawberries a large container is necessary. The most suitable option is a strong polyethylene bag filled with soil. In stores for garden garden lovers sold ready land, but make a mixture for planting their own hands will not be difficult. It is necessary to mix the earth, peat and sawdust, add a little lime to reduce the acidity of the soil to “no.” At the bottom of the packages, drainage waste should be made, and small cross-shaped incisions should be made from above to plant sprouts.

What is better – seeds or seedlings?

Many are confused by the opinion that planting strawberry seeds for growing a house is an unprofitable and time-consuming process. However, this is an erroneous opinion. The strawberry seeds are really very small, but they have good germination, and the plants will be strong and stable. Before sowing seeds, you should hold the package in the fridge for one month. To plant strawberry seeds for growing a house is better in early February, when the light day will be longer. Want before, use artificial day lamps, as the culture is light-loving. Sow the seeds directly into the soil without applying over the soil. To maintain the moist temperature, cover it on top of the film until the appearance of the first shoots. As soon as there are 2-4 leaves on the shoots, they should be dug into small pots, then transplanted into bulk packages for cultivation.

Planting a strawberry seedlings is even easier. Planting time is spring, autumn. During this period, the strawberry is not so actively growing and well becoming accustomed.

Selection of strawberry variety

selection of strawberry seedlings for growing in a roomFor the cultivation of strawberries all year round at home, you should choose remontant species that yield crops several times a year. These include varieties:

  • The Yellow Miracle;
  • “Queen Elizabeth”
  • “Everest”, etc.

How to care for the culture?

Care for strawberries, which grow at home is almost the same as in the open garden. We need watering, fertilizing fertilizers, destroying pests. For strawberries, ventilation is important, that is, circulation. Therefore, you should periodically open the windows for a short while in frosty weather and ventilate the room. Daylight – natural or artificial – should illuminate the culture for at least 14 hours. When growing strawberries on the windowsill, choose the south side.

pollination of strawberryAnother factor of good yield is pollinating. It is clear that it’s impossible to breed bees at home and produce natural pollination. But there is a way out, and quite simple. Put the fan in front of the flowers, let the airflow cope with the pollen or pass occasionally with a brush. Strawberry does not tolerate frost and drafts, so you should protect it from hypothermia. Especially grown at home, strawberries are very sensitive to cold.

What to feed strawberries?

When growing the crop year round, you need to use top dressing for the roots and the top of the plant once every 2 weeks. It is necessary to use complex fertilizers intended for garden crops. Specialty stores also have fertilizer for strawberries with a set of carefully balanced beneficial microelements, thanks to which the culture will not be sick and will become resistant to all kinds of pests, temperature changes.

Strawberries, planted in the house, should be transplanted and updated every 4 years.

Seedlings are obtained by harvesting new shoots, which are planted in separate containers and they are replaced by old and drained bushes. Also new seedlings can be obtained by sowing seeds.

Pests and diseases to which strawberries are susceptible

To grow strawberries at home, on the windowsill do not be afraid of invasion of any pests in the form of snails, tops, slugs. Only on the open ground the plant can suffer from such misfortune. But such parasites as powdery mildew, aphids and others can become a real headache for an amateur to grow strawberries in the house. To not miss the moment, you should pay attention to the surface of the leaves. Once a white coating has appeared, it is necessary to carry out treatment with a special preparation “Sulfaride” or any other substitute.

Also, strawberries can get “gray rot”, which can completely destroy the crop. In this case, you need to take preventive measures. First, it should be ventilated, strawberries should not choke. It is the increased humidity that leads to dampness and the appearance of rot. If you miss the moment – treat the plant with copper chloride for 1 liter – one tablespoon of the drug.

As it turned out, growing a favorite, sweet strawberries at home is not an easy task. Yes, there are some tricks to resort to. But instead of diligence and careful care, you can get a good harvest and even on winter days enjoy the taste of the delicious and fragrant berries. Just imagine the surprise and delight of the guests gathered for the New Year when you give a strawberry and cream grown on your own table.

Have a good harvest and good luck!

Grow strawberries at home

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