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cherry plum in the gardens of the Moscow region

The possibilities of breeding and successful experiments with the breeding of fruit varieties have led to the fact that for many years a whole galaxy of fine varieties of cherry plum is grown for the Moscow region. For the climatic conditions of the middle belt, winter-resistant varieties of plum, which can withstand the winter cold, summer heat, sharp temperature fluctuations in the spring, are derived. Each year, impressive harvests are collected. Wonderful cherry plum for Moscow region, its best varieties have successfully received a well-deserved assessment of gardeners, as the best fruits in the region.

What cherry plum is grown in our country

It is noted that large fruits are pleasant taste. The same applies to plumbers. Varieties with large fruits and a good indicator of frost resistance.

Alycha Mara

cherry plumRapidly growing tree. It tolerates frost. Loves a sunny, bright place. In the summer, with the stagnation of water, it is necessary to make drainage of the soil, so that excess water is gone. Without this, the plant can die. Dispose preferably on loam. Fruits are round, up to 23 g. Juicy, bright yellow. A stone is difficult to separate. Harvest in September. After two or three years after planting, it yields good harvests. Large harvesting produces only after 5 years. Arachi grapes of Mara variety gives 35 tons. Pollinated by other varieties. Itself can not pollinate itself.

Alycha Traveler

cherry plumage TravelerEarly-ripening, unpretentious variety. Withstands winter cold, resistant to many diseases in the area where it grows. Average height. The crown is not too thick, the leaves are pale green, glossy. The flowering is bright, the fragrance from the flowers diverges by tens of meters around. The flowers are white, large. Fruits are roundish, medium in size, weighing 20 – 30 grams, violet-red, smooth to the touch. Gentle, sweet-yellow juicy pulp. Difficult to separate bone. Every year this variety pleases with large yields. Adapts to any soil. It prefers a bright, windless terrain with close groundwater. He loves loam. Plant in the spring.

Alycha Nayden

plum foundNot a large, not small, medium thick tree with a round, flattened crown. The kidney is blooming in two flowers. When it ripens, thick branches are hung with frequent fruits. Fruits of medium and large sizes. The outer color is red-violet, with yellowness. Weigh 35 – 37 grams. Pulp is yellow or orange, the density of the pulp is medium. It has a sweet and sour, fresh taste. Begins to bear fruit in 3 years. Subsequently, 30-40 kg of harvest is harvested from the tree. Resistant to temperature changes and frost grade. The drought is almost normal.

Alycha is found pollen with other varieties. Suitable for preservation.

Alycha Gift to St. Petersburg

cherry plum Gift to St. PetersburgIt remains unscathed at 30 degrees below zero. Well withstand temperature changes. The tree is not too large, up to 3 meters in height, is loose. Thick crown. Light green oval leaves, boat. Edges of leaves are patterned. Begins to bear fruit for 4 years. It is characterized by high productivity. The harvest is good every year. The fruits are elongated, weighing up to 20 g. Externally light orange. Memorized by good taste. Inside, sweet-sour, the flesh is finely fibrous. It is convenient to preserve, transport.

Alycha Colon

cherry plumIn this variety, everything good is collected, which is found in many varieties of cherry plum. Short stature. Colonial crown. The tree takes up little space. It grows up to 2.5 meters up. Resistant to pests, diseases variety. Harvest with large ovoid fruit. Bordovo-violet, dense, sweet, with sour fruit. Ripen in August. Harvest transportable, suitable for fresh consumption and for canning. Blossoms later than all varieties. Gives the maximum of the harvest from the sown area. But there is a drawback. Does not self-pollinate. You need other varieties of cherry plums nearby, which will help pollinate it.

Alycha Shtar

alycha TentA small tree, not tall. It feels great on sunny places. It grows quickly. It blooms in the middle of April. Begins to bear fruit for 4 – 5 years. The weight of the fruit reaches up to 40 g. Fruits are heavy, large. Inside they have a yellow-green flesh. Can be harvested for the winter. One tree is usually removed up to 35 kg. fruits. Matures early, in early July. Withstands frost. Self-fertile variety, for pollination, other varieties are needed. Hardy to freeze in the spring.

Not strongly resistant to the dryness of the soil, it grows badly without acculturation.

Alycha Huck

cherry plum hectaresA rounded, fast-growing squat tree, with a crown of medium density. Flowers are medium, with white petals. Fruits in the second half of summer. The fruits are large, weighing up to 35 grams, have a sweet and sour taste. Outside, the fruit is yellow, elastic to the touch. Inside are dark yellow. Bones difficult to separate. The variety is suitable for all uses. Harvest, winter hardy. Increased resistance to adverse conditions. Cross-pollinated with surrounding trees.

Alycha Kuban Comet

Alycha Kuban CometSlaborsloe tree. The crown is rounded, flat, with rare foliage. Each kidney is blossomed with two flowers of medium size. It blossoms vigorously. After flowering, it is recommended to feed this variety with compost. Ovary appears in June. Blush fruits by the end of July. Without supports, branches can break from gravity. Complete collection – in August. Fruits are large – up to 45 grams. Delicious, ripe. Color red, burgundy. The flesh is yellow, has apricot flavor. The variety is well transportable. There are many merits. The disadvantage is that it ripens unevenly.

Alycha Ruby

ruby plumLarge, dark red, ruby ​​fruit, up to 30 gr. Fibrous pulp is sweet and sour, with aroma. A tree of medium height with a broad, lush, oval crown. Matures early. Sings in early July. It withstands frosty weather, summer sushi. The variety is stable at any temperature fluctuations.

Alycha Skoroplodnaya

cherry plumImported from China. Fruits for the second year after planting. Despite the small height, frosts not only in the middle belt, but also in the North. Stable variety. A lot of vitamin C. A wide crown, dark foliage. Sings late summer.

 Alycha Vladimir comet

alycha Vladimir cometA tree with a wide crown, rare leaves. Fruits are oval, pointed, maroon. Inside is a dark orange sweet and sour flesh. A fruitful tree, will sing already in July.

Alycha Seyanets Rockets

alycha Seedling RocketsIt keeps frost down to -35, a medium-sized tree. The crown is dense, sprawling, the fruits are large, up to 30 g. Red color, round, pointed. Productivity is high.

Alycha Timiryazevskaya

cherry plum Timiryazevskaya

They brought out a variety in the Timiryazev Institute. Alycha grows to 3 meters, the crown is wide, spreading. Cone-shaped tree, foliage sparse. It does not manifest fungal diseases. Fruits are small, light red, cone-shaped. Inside, loose, bones easily separated. The harvest is up to 30 kg.

Variety of cherry plumage of Scythian gold

cherry plum of Zlato ScythiansIt is deduced by the academy named after K.A. Timiryazev. Medium growth, about 2 meters, shrubby type. The crown is sprawling, rounded. The leaves are large, elongated, light green, jagged. Flowers bloom white. The fruits are large, up to 36 grams. Flesh yellow, fibrous. Melting sweet and sour taste. A universal variety of cherry plum of Zlato of Scythians, is suitable for everything. Begins to bear fruit for 4 years. Brings a good annual harvest. Tasty fruit early ripen. It is well tolerated by frost.

Disadvantages. He does not pollinate himself. It is necessary to plant other varieties for pollination. Poor transport of transportation.

All the listed varieties of cherry plums, which are good for the Moscow region, can withstand the cold, wind. With small features and deviations. In general, they are well adapted to our central strip of Russia. They give good harvests. They can be eaten, preserved, transported. They are convenient, useful, profitable. These varieties of cherry plum have long been adopted on our land. They like to plant our gardeners and gardeners.

About a variety of alycha in the central part of Russia – video

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