Persimmon from the stone at home – growing on the windowsill

persimmon potEbony tree – a long-liver, persimmon, has other names – a date plum, a wild date, a heartfruit. Can there be potted persimmon from a bone? At home, exotic cultivation is possible, but is associated with a number of conditions. A tropical plant requires a special microclimate throughout the year. In winter, the plant sheds leaves, requires rest and a low temperature. The fruits of the home tree are useful. Self-pollinated varieties Khachia and Giro – to help the gardener.

How can I get a planting material?

inoculation of persimmons for fructificationMore often at home, growing is given a persimmon from the bones. It is important to choose a fruit from a self-pollinated variety. The berry should be ripe, without damage. You can not take a frozen fruit, the seeds are not viable. If next to the fruit there are leaves with mold – from the seed it is worth noting. To persimmon dospel in warmth, it can be held by the heating battery.

Seeded seeds should be kept for 2 days in a weak solution of potassium permanganate. Only drowned bones are suitable for sowing. Further, the seeds are treated with a growth stimulator, stratification for 2 months at +5 With, after a week, hold the heating battery. Before sowing seeds, pencil hard ribbons with sandpaper. bones of persimmon

In parallel, it is possible to seed a persimmon seed simply:

  • eat the fruit and take out the seeds;
  • immediately put in a depth of 1.5 cm in a pot of loose soil, cover, put in a warm place;
  • occasionally irrigate the surface, air, the sprout should appear within two weeks.

You can buy a ready sapling seedling in the nursery, it will not cost cheap. On your own seedling, you can get vaccinated from fruit-bearing house trees.

Requirements for sowing persimmon, caring for seedlings

a sprout of persimmons from a stoneThe soil for sowing seeds must be light and thin. Suitable mixture of sand and peat in equal parts. At home, the persimmon from the seed is germinated in a small container, covered from above by evaporation. You can not use a battery as a heat source – the earth will dry quickly. It is necessary to build a miniteplike. Sprouts are difficult to release from the pits, it should be helped by moistening it from the spray gun and placing the pot in a polyethylene shell for the night. As soon as shoots give the first real leaves, they need to be planted, or leave one, the most powerful seedling. Transfer the plant to prepared soil:

  • meadow humus;
  • peat;
  • river sand.

To give the composition useful properties, you can add to it EM-1 Baikal, but only 2 weeks before planting.

persimmon on the windowsillAt home, the cultivation of persimmons from the bone without a transplant can be up to 3 months. Seedling grows quickly, filling the roots with a small container. Each next pot should be larger than the previous one by 3-4 cm. It is impossible any more – the free earth will turn sour. From the moment of the formation of the lateral branches, the tree should be plucked, so that the branches are bushy, and the crown is spherical.

To grow a persimmon from a stone as an ornamental plant is available from any fruit. But you can get a crop only from the grafted plant. Plant a persimmon with a small cut from a fruit-bearing self-fruit tree. Such a graft can be taken in a botanical garden, in a nursery or with good friends. It is important that the tree is healthy. If you vaccinate for an annual seedling, fruiting can be expected in 5 years.

Agrotechnics of home tomato tree – persimmon

delicate flowering persimmonGrowing a persimmon house is associated with creating a “tropical” environment for the plant. It means:

  1. A potted plant needs a lot of scattered light, in the spring and autumn, with 2-3 hours of lightening. Direct sunlight does not tolerate a persimmon, on a clear summer day the window should be tightened with gauze.
  2. In summer the plant likes fresh air, but without wind, shaded.
  3. Water the tree in small portions, without creating stagnation and dirt in the box.
  4. Daily spraying on the leaves is mandatory.
  5. During the rest period, the tree sheds leaves and can be stored at temperatures up to -15. Usually enough +5 -10 degrees in a dark underground, with periodic moistening of the earth’s coma.
  6. During the growing season, moderate fertilizing, transplanting or renewing the top layer of the substrate is required.

persimmon transplantHome care for persimmons from the stone for the production of a fruit-bearing tree is associated with a balance of stressful conditions with favorable conditions. This is how they make trees bear fruit in conditions unusual for them. Limited doses of fertilizers do not give rise to the vegetative mass, otherwise the roots will not cope. But, artificial illumination and the absence of a draft are comfortable for persimmons. Regular formation of the crown restrains the growth of the ground part and helps the roots.

How to water a persimmon is a special science. If the tree is in a bright room with increased temperature – the leaves are dried up. Water the plant with warm water more often, but do not create dirt in which there is no air, the roots choke. Moderation is needed in everything. Watering can not replace the daily spraying, the creation of fog in the crown. Spraying on leaves is carried out several times a day in hot weather. To increase the humidity put near the aquarium, saucer or pallet with pebbles and damp moss.

How to grow a persimmon from a stone – video in 3 parts

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