What should I do if the boiler is leaking?

Almost every house or apartment, especially not provided with central hot water supply has an individual boiler. This is a water heater, as everything in our world can fail. We will try to help you, tell you what to do if the boiler is leaking.

Defining our capabilities

If you have never been engaged in the repair of equipment and did not hold a screwdriver in your hands, it would be better to contact a qualified plumber.

But if you can repair a crane in your apartment or even your own car, sometimes with this problem there is an opportunity to cope on your own. We warn at once, although the water heater is quite simple in its design, special knowledge is required for its repair, both in electrical engineering and in the field of heat devices. Sometimes there were cases when the master, having correctly repaired the electric heater, was mistaken in his connection to the heating scheme and caused the failure of the entire system.

We determine the possibility of self-repair during leakage

If the boiler has flowed, the most important thing is to determine the cause of the leak. Although another option is possible, the device is under warranty and it’s not your questions. Just call the wizard. If free repair is not possible, you can try to do the boiler repair yourself. But we will make a reservation, it is only appropriate when you are technically equipped with you and are not afraid of problems, and also have a minimum set of tools. Also, if you are not familiar with electrical equipment, you should not take up troubleshooting. In the event of a boiler failure at the enterprise (even a private company), only specialists with the appropriate electrical safety approval group can perform this work.

We find the causes of leaks

The simplest variant (and practically the only one) is visual inspection.

drip the boiler from the bottom - what to do?Not a hydraulic test, no other methods for household and especially electric water heaters are almost not used. Therefore, the causes of leaks in the boiler, we determine visually. Here you can give one small tip – the usual water is seen badly, add a bright food coloring to it, then the places where it leaves the tank will be clearly visible.

However, there is one more small nuance, if the boiler has flowed from above, then this leakage, perhaps due to a malfunction of either the shut-off valve or the valves securing the boiler, or the creation of excess pressure in its capacity. In any case, this water heater must be treated with special attention. If the boiler flows from below, then, most likely this is caused by a defect in its capacity (especially for storage boilers).

If it is not possible to determine the location of the leak visually, it is advisable to use the same method as for boilers or pressure vessels (if the design of the water heater permits). In this case, the increased pressure (air) is applied and the places of the boiler flow are detected after saponification (dissolved in water with soap or other surfactants).

Elimination of water leakage in the boiler

Finding a place where the water passes can begin to eliminate the leak. The most common problem is the seals. First of all, you need to pay attention to the place where the boiler is equipped with heating elements, often replacing this gasket can eliminate the whole problem.

Also, an electric boiler often flows through the installation or commissioning of sensor communication lines. Moreover, it is advisable to use not the first, hand-caught sealants, namely those recommended by the company, the manufacturer and preferably with its trademark, for repair. If this is not possible, then use heat-resistant rubber or paronite.

If the tank is damaged, it must be repaired. Which way to choose is hard to tell. For steel, of course, if possible, you need welding, but if the pressures are not prohibitive (a conventional domestic boiler), then you can limit yourself to soldering. For aluminum (or more correctly duralumin), welding in a neutral medium (using a neutral gas like argon) is required, so it is often easier to seal a crack with an epoxy polymer. But if there is an opportunity it is always necessary to give preference to welding.

It is also necessary to note that small leaks with time necessarily turn into huge.

Therefore, even if a few drops per day are leaking from your boiler, be sure to find and eliminate the cause. Then repairs can be much more expensive.

Video: elimination of a leak in a boiler by one’s own hands

Video: boiler repair by own hands

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