Early, sweet and juicy variety of melon Amal

Found in her seed stocks unclaimed in the last season melon Amal – on the site just did not have enough room for her. Please tell us what this species is. The package says that he is early ripening. How long does it take to fully ripen the crop and how best to grow melon if we have summer later and short?

melon amalEarly-ripening varieties of melons are in great demand among truck farmers in the southern regions, and especially in the area where summer can not please with long heat. One of the most popular and the best of these varieties is rightly considered Amal melon. Not only does it have a short growing season, it also has a high resistance to diseases and will please tasty, oval and large enough, melons.

Variety description melon

Amal is one of the large-bodied and fertile melon hybrids of French breeding, which has been recognized by many amateurs and gardeners far beyond their homeland. Melon is successfully cultivated in Moldova, Ukraine and almost all over Russia. This unique variety is suitable not only for open ground, but also fructifies well in greenhouse conditions, preserving yield and taste qualities.

Aromatic and juicy melons ripen after 3 months from the moment of sowing. The average weight of one fetus is 3 kg, and the shape resembles an oval. Melon is covered with dense cream-yellow peel with a characteristic fine mesh. The same coloration, only darker and more saturated, has also a sweet flesh, while the seed box occupies very little space.

The variety is high-yielding: with good care it is possible to grow melons weighing up to 4 kg, and from 1 square. can get up to 14 kg of harvest.

Advantages and disadvantages of the variety melon in a cut

In addition to early maturation, melon Amal has other pluses that favorably distinguish it against the background of similar species, namely:

  • high resistance to the main diseases of melons, such as powdery mildew, dry rot and fusariosis;
  • good yield and large fruit sizes;
  • excellent taste qualities;
  • good transportability due to dense skin;
  • good drought resistance.

Speaking about the disadvantages of the brand, it is worth noting the fear of drafts and low temperatures, which, incidentally, is typical for all heat-loving melons.

Peculiarities of growing melon on the bed

As already mentioned, melon Amal will please the harvest, both in the open ground, and when planting in the greenhouse. In southern regions, with an early and warm summer, you can sow seeds directly into the soil in early May. Where summer is late and quickly passes, it is better to grow seedlings first, so that melons are not affected by early sowing and have time to ripen, while the heat.

Even in the conditions of the northern summer, cold and sunny, you can eat juicy melons, planting Amal in a greenhouse or a greenhouse.

When growing the crop in the open ground it is necessary to take her a well-lit place on a site where there is no draft. The soil is pre-fertilized with organic and mineral complexes if there is a need. The distance between the holes should be about 80 cm, and in the aisles – at least 150 cm, so that the bush has to grow.

Seedlings are best sowed, starting from the second half of April, in peat cups – so it is easier to transfer the transplant. Seeds before sowing need to be disinfected in potassium permanganate and soak to swell. In the ground grown seedlings are relocated with the establishment of stable warm weather.

Video review of the taste qualities of Amal melon

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