How to properly care for the garden in the fall to get a good harvest?

Last year they bought a dacha with a small garden. True, the previous owners did not grow anything on it. And we have grandiose plans on the garden, so I want to take care of the yield in advance, especially since the time is right – autumn is in the yard. Tell me, how to properly care for the garden in the fall to get a good harvest?

To make the garden happy with a good harvest, it is necessary to provide him with proper care in the autumn. The autumn works in the garden include:

  1. Autumn struggle against weeds and pests.
  2. The digging.
  3. Application of fertilizers.
  4. Preparation of wells for spring planting.

Autumn struggle with weeds and wireworms

weed harvesting

After harvesting to destroy the remaining weeds in the garden, it is desirable to treat the soil with herbicides of systemic action. To such preparations carry Roundup, it perfectly copes with “ever-living” weeds such as ragweed, couch grass, birches (field bindweed), shirits, sow.

Practitioners have noticed that one autumn treatment with herbicides replaces two spring herbs.

Against grassgrass is also quite an effective drug Tornado. It is used in the form of spraying on the leaves of weeds.

To destroy the birch tree, which loves sour and clayey soil, in the autumn it is necessary to add lime to the pushonka at a rate of 1 glass per sq.m. – it will change the acidity of the soil downward. It is also good to dig a shallow area with the addition of a few buckets of rotted compost in order for the earth to become more loose by spring.

Unfortunately, manual work is, unfortunately, the best effect in the fight against the pig. Since this weed has very long roots, it is completely necessary to get rid of it after digging or plowing the garden in the autumn, manually selecting all parts of the root system. Applying this method in parallel with the treatment with herbicides is not quick, but still in a couple of years it is quite possible to defeat the pig.

Destroy the wheatgrass, and at the same time and fertilize the garden will help sow plant-siderates, such as rapeseed.

Get rid of a pest such as wireworms, if you dig a garden not in the middle of autumn, and a little later – after the first frost, then it will just freeze in the upper layers of the soil and die.

Soil digging

digging a garden

For the winter, the garden is recommended to be dig through, while the clods formed during the digging up of the earth do not need to be broken. So, the weeds and pests that have remained since autumn in the garden will die from frost, and with the onset of spring the lumps themselves will disintegrate.

dug up vegetable garden

Sometimes, instead of digging up the soil, it is mulched with leaves and raw compost. But this is not recommended, since leaves can contain spores of fungal diseases, and nothing but harm, this method will not bring.

Soil fertilization

soil fertilization in autumn

Before the autumn digging of the garden to enrich the soil, organic fertilizers are introduced in liquid form or manure.

It is recommended that the organics should not be embedded in the soil deeper than the spade bayonet, so fertilizers will act faster.

Liquid fertilizer can be prepared from chicken manure or from fresh mown grass. More useful manure is from bird droppings, but cow dung is also widely used. For the enrichment of the soil with useful substances, the site under the garden in the fall is sowed with siderates.

Preparation of wells for spring planting

furrows for potatoes

To increase the potato yield, experienced vegetable growers are advised to conduct preparatory work in the fall. To do this, in the area allocated for the spring planting of potatoes, it is necessary to make grooves on the bayonet bayonet (or with the help of a cultivator), the arrangement from the north to the south and between the rows of 60 cm.

In the spring, it will only be necessary to slightly renew the groove with the trowel, lay out the potatoes and sprinkle with the soil taken from the poured sides. This method is good because in the spring when planting the soil in the grooves turns out very loose and warmed by the sun.

Video on how to prepare a kitchen garden for winter

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