Secrets of cooking delicious home-made jelly

Tell me how to make jelly? Earlier I always bought myself blanks in bags, but now I became a mother. Baby has grown up and want to try to give him a little, but suddenly like it? Of course, semi-finished products for a child is not an option, so I decided to make it myself, but all I know is that gelatin is needed.

jellyJelly is one of the most favorite desserts, both adults and children. Besides that it is very tasty, jelly is also useful. Gelatin and its constituent components have a beneficial effect on the work of the intestines, and also supply to our body the necessary amino acid, like glycine, which strengthens the cartilaginous tissue and joints. In this regard, sweet delicacy is recommended for children and elderly people – the first grow, and the second need support.

Purchased jelly in bags can not be compared with a home made of natural products and without any coloring and preservatives, so many housewives are interested in the question of how to make jelly. Often it happens that instead of a homogeneous structure, pieces of dissolved gelatin are obtained, or it does not freeze at all.

To get really tasty and beautiful jelly, you need to observe the proportions in relation to water, and also correctly introduce gelatin.

Features of gelatin gelatin

We all know that gelatin is sold in bags and has the form of a granular powder. However, this does not mean that it should be added to the blank in this form.

Gelatin should be administered last, and before this dilute.

This is done like this:

  1. First, pour the contents of the sachet into a separate container, pour a small amount of cold water and leave the minutes for 10-15. During this time, the granules will swell, and the gelatin will turn into a viscous thick mass.
  2. Now swell the gelatin on a low heat, not boiling.
  3. When the mass becomes liquid, it can be introduced into the jelly. If the workpiece has overheated accidentally, it is necessary to allow the gelatin to cool, but not allowing it to become thick again.

Since the dissolved gelatin can not be heat treated further, it is better to use boiled water immediately.

What can jelly be made of? berry jelly

As it became clear, the main ingredient of jelly is gelatin. As fillers, you can use almost all products in the kitchen (except vegetables, of course), namely:

  • fruit;
  • berries;
  • fruit and berry fresh;
  • yogurt;
  • sour cream;
  • chocolate;
  • condensed milk;
  • candied fruit;
  • jam.

Simple recipe for cherry jelly cherry jelly

Refreshing sweet and sour dessert is very simple. To do this, remove from the stone a glass of fresh cherries (they can be increased if desired, then the jelly will simply be more dense due to berries), pour 450 ml of water and cook the compote, adding 2 st. l. Sahara.

Pour about 100 ml into a separate bowl, and when the drink has cooled, dilute 1 tbsp. l. gelatin. Introduce the billet into the remaining compote, pour into the forms and put for a couple of hours in the refrigerator.

How to make a three-layer striped jelly from natural products – video

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