Water the cacti properly

Recently I had a small cactus. They gave it to me blooming, now the flowers have already fallen. Previously, such “thorns” I did not have, I prefer plants with leaves. Tell me, how often should I water the cactus and how to do it correctly?

cactiMany beginning flower growers believe that cacti are the most unpretentious plants, because they almost do not need watering. In general, they are, of course, right, but what about watering it is not entirely true. Although the birthplace of most cacti is desert, where precipitation is very small, without water, they can not exist. What to say about the flowering varieties of this prickly beauty – they certainly need moisture.

Correct and, most importantly, timely watering is the key to a good plant condition. Knowing how often you need to water cactus, you can not only grow a large and beautiful flower, but also wait for the birth of the peduncle.

Frequency of irrigation

cactus watering

The need for cacti in moisture is predetermined by many factors, among them:

  • species affiliation;
  • conditions of detention;
  • season.

To date, there are many varieties of cacti. There are among them varieties that can manage without water for a very long time, because they accumulate in their water reserves (for example, plants come from Africa). But at the same time, there are also such cacti, for which a prolonged drought is simply fatal (tropical and forest species). Therefore, it is important to consider the origin of a particular species.

As for the conditions of detention, everything is quite simple – the lower the temperature, the less often there should be watering.

And, of course, it is necessary to take into account the general recommendations regarding the frequency of cactus irrigation depending on the season. In winter, the length of the light day decreases significantly, which affects the rate of growth of flowers. In this regard, the irrigation schedule for most species of cacti looks like this:

  • from November to March – if the flower is kept in a cool and dark room, one-time watering is enough for a month, or even without it;
  • April-May – gradually withdrawing cacti from winter rest, periodically moisten the air over them and water twice a month;
  • from June to August – when cacti in the sun and hot weather, water at least once in 5 days, but if the summer is rainy and cool – only once a week;
  • September-October – shorten irrigation until once a month.

To water quickly penetrate to the roots and not stagnate in the pot, you should put the drainage on the bottom of the vase, and also use the right soil (a mixture of peat, sand and universal soil).

How to water cacti?

cactus in the pan

Most florists water the cacti directly into the pot. It can be done, but it must be taken into account that water should not fall on the cactus itself.

For irrigation in this way it is better to use a watering can.

But there are more advantages to watering cacti in a pallet, when water comes to them from below, through drainage holes. First, so the soil does not blur in the pot and there is no risk of wetting the root collar, and secondly, moisture to the roots comes faster, as they are closer to the bottom of the pot.

Thus, caring for their cacti and watering them, we must take into account not only their appearance, but also the time of the year, as well as the conditions for their maintenance.

Features of watering cacti – video

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