What can you say about the living lawn in rolls?

What do you say about the living lawn in rolls and how to organize it properly, if the suburban area is in the state after the construction of the house, and ahead of the improvement and decoration of the adjacent territory?

On any home territory adjacent to a private house, cottage, country cottage, the presence of a well-groomed full-fledged lawn will give not only the comfort of living, but also a favorable climate, a harmonious environment. The presence of a dense, bright, well-groomed lawn around your own home for each owner is not just a question of prestige. This kind of gardening guarantees the recreation of a useful microclimate, a special atmosphere and gives maximum opportunities for the design of your own site.

Add a lawn can be small and medium-sized architectural objects, artificial ponds, rock gardens, flower beds, flowerpots. The fastest and most effective way to acquire your own lawn is to take advantage of a live lawn in rolls.

Growth Technology

Living lawn in rolls is a modern method of gardening areas of various areas. Such products are realized in the form of a kind of garden billet, the production of which implies compliance with a certain technology.

Live roll lawns are harvested in the following way:

  • processing and delineation of a special site for planting seeds;
  • sowing lawn grass in the prepared soil;
  • cultivation of emerged seedlings;
  • At the moment when vegetation reaches certain parameters, the layer of lawns is cut together with the sod of standard thickness;
  • Cutted pieces of turf with grass are rolled up by rolls, in the form of which they enter the realization.

This type of lawn is not only convenient for transportation and storage, but also provides maximum convenience when planting on prepared soil.

Video about growing a lawn:

Preparation of soil for lawning in rolls

To begin with, you need to decide where the lawn and the area of ​​the green area will be located. It is at this stage that special attention should be paid to all manipulations. Incorrect work done or neglect of recommended procedures threatens not only poor growth of vegetation, but also its complete destruction.

Requirements for the planted territory:

  • good lighting;
  • The shadow characteristic for this site should be present for no more than four hours;
  • The place under the planned lawn should be chosen dry;
  • plan the effective drainage system in advance.

Advantages of ready-made lawns in rolls

The most important difference, which distinguishes rolls based on turf from other types of lawns, is the simplicity and speed of the device. If the owner of his own land is once wasting time and energy to sow and grow herbs, then buying and spreading the lawn will be the best solution in the area of ​​creating a home territory.

The advantages of such a lawn include:

  • growing takes place in accordance with the norms of agricultural technology;
  • The composition of the lawn consists of plant crops and completely eliminates the appearance of weeds;
  • according to the results of the works, the soil surface is completely covered with a dense layer of quality grass;
  • The formation of voids due to the absence of shoots is excluded.

But speaking about the living lawn in rolls, it should be noted that this is a rather expensive way of improving the adjacent territory, since the cost of production can reach about 500 rubles per 1 square meter.

Peculiarities of stacking

Despite the speed of recreating the lawn by using turf rolls, some recommendations should be followed:

  • preliminary soil preparation is required;
  • the platform for the lawn must be leveled and rolled up;
  • should maintain sufficient looseness of the upper layer of the soil in order to maximize the adaptation of the root system of grasses;
  • After purchasing rolls, they should not be stored, pushing the planting date off;
  • calculate the required amount of material can be calculated using the formula: S of the territory is multiplied by K = 1, 25 (constant coefficient).

Roll-up of a roll lawn

Laying turf rolls with a lawn is necessary in chess order. Also, care must be taken to ensure that the flooring is done with a slight overlap of one layer on the next. This method of laying will relieve the void, ensure a secure bonding of all layers laid.

Video about the right choice of roller lawns

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