Baked in the oven appetizing meat in mustard

meat in mustard in the ovenTasty, appetizing, juicy and tender meat in mustard, baked in the oven – a frequent guest of festive and dining tables. Preparing the dish is very simple. But thanks to a different recipe and a lot of marinades based on mustard, amazing tastes are obtained. We offer to cook pork according to the most popular recipes.

The invariable classics

meat in mustard according to the classic recipeConsider the classic recipe for pork baked in mustard. It is prepared for a long time, but simply. Thanks to the mustard, the meat will be juicy and tender.

ingredients for cooking meatTo prepare the dish you will need a loin of 0.5 kg and 2 tbsp. l. mustard. Garlic (about 4-5 lobules) and pepper and salt will help to complement the taste.

Cooking process:

  1. A piece of meat is thoroughly washed and wiped with a paper towel. On all sides sprinkle with pepper and salt, and making punctures in the pulp, stuffed with garlic cloves. Then the meat is smeared with mustard and sent to the refrigerator for several hours. marinate meat in mustard
  2. At the end of the period, the meat is wrapped in foil. This will prevent the loss of juice. wrap the meat in foil
  3. The wrapped meat is sent to a heat-resistant baking dish, and then to a preheated oven to 180 ° C. Approximate cooking time is an hour. we send in an oven
  4. At the end of time, unfold the foil. And, having increased the temperature, again sent to the oven for 10-15 minutes to make a crust. unfold the foil

It remains only to cut the baked in foil in the oven with mustard meat into pieces and serve to the table.

It will be better if you leave marinated meat for the whole night.

Shank in sauce

shank in sauceMeat is now pretty much “biting” for the price. But this does not mean that you should forget about it until the next holiday. Pay attention to the wheel. Its cost is quite acceptable. And you will get the opportunity to serve meat daily. A pork knuckle is prepared with honey and mustard simply, though for a long time. But all you need is to marinate it, then put it in the oven and do your own business.

ingredients for bakingTo work you will need the actual shank and spices, which are mustard in the amount of 2-3 st. l, ½ tsp. ginger powder, 50 g of mayonnaise, salt with pepper, 2 tbsp. l. soy sauce and garlic. It needs 2 heads.


  1. First of all, peel the garlic and cut into 2-3 fragments. Garlic is cleaned and crushed
  2. Handle should be thoroughly washed and, if there is a black tan, scrape with a knife. After it is wiped with paper towels and makes many deep cuts in the skin. They put garlic slices in them. Note that garlic should be completely immersed in the slots. garlic
  3. Now, with cotton thread, wrap the wheel. carefully tied with a string
  4. Prepare the marinade, mixing until homogeneous in a container of soy sauce, freshly ground pepper, mayonnaise, ginger, salt, and mustard. prepare the sauce
  5. Try marinade on salt and correct it. carefully knead the sauce
  6. Carefully smear the meat with marinade, leave for 2 hours alone and put it in a sleeve. smeared with a sauce
  7. Send pork with mustard and mayonnaise to the oven, preheated to 200 ° C. The cooking time is approximately 2-2.5 hours, depending on the size of the piece. we send the meat to the oven

Before filing to the table, all threads are removed. As a garnish used stewed cabbage, vegetables, salad or mashed potatoes.

Since the recipe uses soy sauce, you should be careful with salt, otherwise you can overdo the dish.

Spicy ribs

pork ribs in mustard saucePork ribs with honey and mustard are another delicious dish. In addition, he prepares very quickly – just in case the guests are on the threshold. We offer two options for cooking this culinary masterpiece.

For the preparation of pork with honey and mustard in the oven will need ribs (0.4 kg) and honey with mustard (1 teaspoon of each ingredient).

In the piano mix honey with mustard. The mass will be thick, so a little water is added to it until the consistency is satisfactory. marinate ribs in sauceThen they rub the ribs and send it to the oven for 2 hours. Do not forget to turn the ribs to the other side after one hour, so that they are evenly fried. Ribs in mustard sauce readyCooked pork in mustard, baked in an oven spread on a plate and served on a table with a side dish or as a self-serving dish.

It is advisable to use liquid honey. But if you have candied sugar, you can take it, just need to preheat it.

To prepare “soy” meat in mustard, baked in the oven will require 1.5 kg of pork ribs. At this amount you need to take soy sauce and honey (5 and 4 tablespoons, respectively), as well as spices and olive oil.

chopped ribsRibs are thoroughly washed, dried with a paper towel and cut into portions. Then they are lowered into a pan with water, put on fire, give a boil and cook for a quarter of an hour. In the meantime, mix soy sauce and honey, inject a little red pepper and cook in a water bath until thick.

Next, the ribs are dipped in a marinade and laid in a baking dish, pre-oiled with olive oil. Filled meat is sent to bake in a preheated to 190 degrees oven. Roasting time 10 minutes. Once the crust is formed, the meat can be pulled out and fed to the table.


Self-baked meat is delicious and appetizing. But give it an exquisite piquant taste will help only different marinades. There are lots of recipes, and you need to experiment a lot to find “yours”. Good field for imagination is huge. We offer to consider several recipes of marinade for pork with mustard.


mustard pickleMustard is not simply the main ingredient in marinades intended for pork, as it makes the meat tender and juicy.

To prepare the marinade, mustard powder in the amount of 1 tbsp. and 0.5 tsp. freshly ground pepper and curry. Additional ingredients – salt (about 1 tsp) and 1 tbsp. mayonnaise. Acute will come through the press 3-4 garlic cloves. This amount of marinade is calculated for 1 kg of meat.


  1. In the piano mixes all the ingredients until uniform. mix the ingredients in a bowl
  2. The marinade obtained from all sides is thoroughly rubbed with a piece of meat, placed in a container, covered with a food film or lid and sent to the refrigerator for 4-5 hours. smear meat with marinade

At the end of time, baked meat with mustard and mayonnaise in the oven.

And finally two more delicious marinades.

Orange-honey mustard

Orange peel. Strange, but it is an excellent ingredient to marinade for meat with mustard. In addition, it combines well with honey and mustard and shades their fragrance.

For preparation of marinade it is required ½ tbsp. mustard.

You can use it already ready, or you can make it from powder.

At this amount, you should take 1 large orange and 1 tbsp. l. honey (flower or buckwheat). In addition, you need 1 tsp. ground pepper (according to preferences, fragrant, a mixture of pepper or just black), cumin and 0.5 tsp. salt.

To get zest, citrus should be well washed, scalded with boiling water, and then removed from it with a peel, using a special or ordinary grater. Put all the ingredients in the piano, mix well and check for salt. If the mixture is very dense, mineral water will help to bring the consistency to the required level (1-2 spoons will be enough).

Everything, the marinade is ready and they can spread the meat and send it to the refrigerator for an hour.

Mustard Wine

Never thought that you can use wine for a marinade? So try to experiment. And cook the sauce with mustard for meat with the addition of wine. We are sure that the dish prepared according to this recipe will be enjoyed by absolutely everyone. The wine gives the marinade a spicy taste and makes the meat tender and juicy.

The main ingredients of marinade are 3-4 st. l. mustard powder, ½ tbsp. white wine (not strong), and also 5 bulbous turnips. Balancing the taste will help the salt.

A washed and dried piece of meat must be carefully covered with mustard. The amount of powder can be controlled depending on the size of the pork. In this state, the meat is left for an hour at room temperature. In the meantime, clean the onions, and pass it through the meat grinder. This wine is poured into wine, mixed thoroughly and rubbed with meat mixture in mustard and again left to marinate for 2 hours. The final step is to add meat, leave for another 30 minutes. Everything, the pork is ready to be fried in a skillet or in an oven.

Meat in mustard, baked in the oven – the crown dish of any festive table. And the use of various marinades in the process of cooking – the opportunity to give new flavors each time.

Cooking delicious marinades for meat – video

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