Canned for the winter or eat immediately with beetroot

beetrootPiquant sweet and sour roe for the winter will please every member of the family with his own taste. The appetizer looks great on a slice of bread, comes to any side dish and, even, acts as an ingredient in other dishes. You can cook it not only from the main ingredient – beets, but also to make additional vegetables. Before cooking, beets are cooked, fried or processed raw, in any case, it is perfectly stored in jars until the very spring. Depending on the treatment, the ready-made food acquires its unrivaled, special taste. Recipes of beetroot for the winter will help you choose the taste that you want to get. Before you start, you will definitely need an ordinary hand grater, a blender or a meat grinder. Welding of ingredients can be done both in a pan, frying pan, and in a multivark.

Usefulness of beets and dishes from it

This root is brightly saturated on the outside with a delicate sweetness in taste, and also useful to everything else. Beetroot betaine filters unnecessary substances in the liver, normalizes metabolism and prevents the increase in blood pressure. Therefore, it is useful for people suffering from liver diseases and obesity to introduce this fruit into the diet. To treat atherosclerosis and hypertension, you also need to eat beets, because it is rich in magnesium. If you often eat dishes from beets, then the risk of experiencing problems with anemia is markedly reduced. Another positive property of the fetus is the safety of all useful components, even during heat treatment. Like all other vegetables, the beet grows not all year round, so it must be preserved and stored until the very spring. Billets such provisions are different, for example, caviar from beets for the winter retains all useful trace elements until the time of its consumption. Bordovy vegetable is considered low-calorie and is recommended in many diets. Also, thanks to the abundance of folic acid prescribed for pregnant women.

You can not consume beets to people with diabetes, urolithiasis and osteoporosis.

Caviar from beets without carrots

red beet roeBeetroot caviar for the winter according to this recipe provides for beet welding initially. For a recipe, you need 1.2 kilograms of burgundy fruit. Additional ingredients will be 15 grams lean oil, half a teaspoon of vinegar essence on a half liter jar, 1.5 teaspoons of sugar and salt, garlic head. Prepare 2 glass containers of 0.5 liters. From the given proportions, 1 liter of beetroot from boiled beet will be obtained.


  1. Pure beetroot to send in a pan with water for welding. The procedure will last about an hour. Cook the beetroot from the peel. wash and boil the beets
  2. Grate it. peel the beetroot
  3. Get a large frying pan, pour in it lean oil, preheat. Then throw in the frayed red fruit and fumigate until all the liquid evaporates. put out the beets
  4. Chesnodavilkoj chop the garlic and bring it into the frying pan. Another 5 minutes to put out. add the garlic and continue to stew
  5. Hot beets to spread on clean jars, top to make half a spoon of essence and close the lid. Wrap in warm until cooling. Bon Appetit!

Caviar from beets and carrots

caviar from beets and carrotsPure beetroot caviar if not already pleases, then it is worth trying a recipe for cooking eggs from beets and carrots. Beets need 3 pieces and 1 carrot. To saturate the taste, you can add 2 onions and about 6 pieces of garlic. The filling includes vegetable oil in an amount of 3 tbsp. spoons, tomato thick paste 2 tbsp. spoon, acetic essence half a teaspoon. To taste, bring a pod of red bitter pepper and a mixture of any herbs fragrant. From the provided components, two jars of 500 grams of fried roe roe with carrots should go out.


  1. Boil the beetroot and grate it on a large grater. grate the beetroot on a large grater
  2. The same is done with carrots, only raw. grate carrots on a large grater
  3. Bitter pepper free from pits and finely chop. chop pepper and chop
  4. Finely chop the onions and fry until golden brown. onion lightly fry
  5. Put the carrots and peppers into the bulb. Fry for a few minutes. add carrots and continue roasting
  6. Add the grated beets to the ingredients in the frying pan. Provide seasonings and tomato paste, mix. Fry over medium heat until cooked. add beets and spices, continue to stew
  7. Tightly eat fried vegetable mass jars, top to add essence. Send for 10-minute sterilization. Tighten with covers, wrap in a thick cloth and allow to cool. fill cans and sterilize the workpiece
  8. After cooling, put it in the pantry. In winter, eat a nice caviar.

Caviar from beet through a meat grinder

beetroot caviar through a meat grinderEasy to prepare is caviar from beet for the winter through a meat grinder. Such a kitchen appliance is available to every hostess, so boldly take 2 pieces of beet and the same amount of carrots to prepare a delicious preform for the winter. For flavor and piquant taste you can take black ground pepper, and for refueling vegetable oil 2 tbsp. spoons, a floor of acetic essence on each bank. And, here, cans only 1 piece, volume of 0,5 liters is required. Do not forget about salt, it should be taken to taste.


  1. Peel raw carrots and beets. peel the beets and carrots
  2. Cut the right size pieces so that they are convenient to lay out in a meat grinder. chop the beets for further grinding with a meat grinder
  3. Grind the meat grinder root crops. skip vegetables through a meat grinder
  4. The resulting gruel is put out for 1 hour. Pour in vegetable oil, spices and salt, continue to simmer for another 30 minutes until the entire liquid evaporates. to extinguish vegetables with the addition of oil and spices
  5. In pre-sterilized jars, decompose the hot vegetable mixture, pour the essence with the top and cork. fill the jars, pour vinegar essences and roll up
  6. After cooling, put it in the cabinet to store the provisions.

Instead of a meat grinder, you can use a blender or food processor. The taste of ready-made provisions will not affect this.

Caviar from a beet in a multivariate

beetroot caviar in the multivariateThe most lazy will necessarily consider the recipe for beetroot caviar in the multivariate. Cooking with this technique significantly shortens the time, so you can quickly enjoy the fruits of your culinary work. The dish should be prepared half a kilo of beets, one carrot, 2 pieces of onions and 2 cloves of garlic. At the gas station you need tomato paste – 2 tbsp. tablespoons, vegetable oil – 4 tbsp. spoons, water – 100 grams, sugar – 2 tsp, salt to taste. As spices for beetroot roe for the winter, you can take black and red ground pepper to taste.


  1. Clean the beets clean of the peel. wash beets and clean beets
  2. Grate the grated vegetable. grate beetroot
  3. Add the lean oil to the multivariate bowl and cover the onion with chopped onions. pour the butter into the bowl and add onions
  4. To the onion put the grated carrot on a small grater. Turn on the “Frying” item, set the timer for 10 minutes and fry. add the carrots and choose the frying regime
  5. Grind the raw beets into the bowl and set the same mode again at the same time. add beets and continue roasting
  6. Add tomato paste, salt, sugar and pepper. All mixed with water. Set the “Quenching” mode to 50 minutes. Introduce tomato paste and stew
  7. 10 minutes before the end of quenching throw garlic. add garlic at the end of quenching
  8. Put the hot vegetables and clog up the sterilized jars. You can immediately use it, just wait a little for cooling.

Each point of preparation in the multivarking provides regular stirring of the ingredients, in order to avoid burning.

Caviar from red beets for the winter, made in large quantities, saves time afterwards. Such a billet perfectly suits as a component of borsch. You do not have to suffer, rubbing the beets and frying. It is enough to open a can of preservation and add a few spoons to a rich borsch. Such provisions help to maintain strength in the preparation of salads “Herring under a fur coat” and “Rag”. The ready dish turns out even better, than with freshly prepared beets. Bon Appetit!

Video recipe of beetroot with apple

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