Compote of zucchini will surprise you with its taste

compote of courgettesThirsty and useful compote from zucchini will be suitable for you at any time of the year. Zucchini – a universal vegetable, not having a pronounced taste, but very useful. Due to the fact that it is able to absorb flavors and taste qualities near the lying ingredients, the zucchini is popular in preserves, especially in compotes.

The positive side of the vegetable of the pumpkin family is that it is able to normalize the water metabolism in the human body. It is strongly recommended to children and the elderly, because zucchini can not cause any allergic reactions. Pumpkin juice and juice can soothe nerves, improve the digestive system.

This vegetable is a summer fruit and begins to ripen in early July. Therefore, you can rip off the young gifts of the garden in the middle of summer, enjoy them in different dishes, and can also preserve for the winter. Making a cool drink from zucchini, it can be combined with other vegetables, fruits and berries. It can be apples, pears, cherries, raspberries, lemons, orange, cherry plums. It all depends on your preferences and mood.

 Squash can not be eaten raw.

Compote of courgettes

simple compote of courgettesOn a standard compote of courgettes without additives will require 1 large fresh zucchini. The zucchini itself does not have a pronounced taste, but some want to drink just such drinks. Nevertheless, to make a certain flavor, take a few nails. Zucchini with 2 glasses of sugar will be stored in 2 liters of water, and safety will provide half a teaspoon of 6% of acetic essence.


  1. Wash the marrow, cut it along and remove the seeds. wash the zucchini and remove the seeds
  2. Cut into cubes. dice into cubes
  3. In the pot, pour the water, throw the zucchini cut and boil. put the zucchini in a saucepan and boil it
  4. After boiling, add sugar and start cooking, stirring, until the vegetable marrow becomes transparent. After that, you can make a carnation. at the end of cooking add cloves
  5. Remove the mixture from the fire, pour in the essence. Pour over sterilized jars and tighten with lids.

The vinegar essence can be replaced with citric acid.

Compote of zucchini with orange for the winter

It is pleasant to taste compote from zucchini with orange for the winter. 5 liter jars require about 600 grams of pitted zucchini. 2 oranges will fill the drink with citrus flavor and 1 lemon will allow to keep the provisions for a long time. Of 500 grams of sugar and 4.5 liters of water will be made syrup.


  1. Ripe squash is diced. chop the pulp of courgettes
  2. With lemon and orange peel. The orange is divided into slices. Cut the peel into small pieces. peel an orange
  3. With the lemon squeeze the juice.
  4. Stylized jars filled with courgettes. in clean cans lay out zucchini
  5. To zucchini sprinkle cedar parts and orange. add citrus peel and orange
  6. Boil water and pour it with the future compote of zucchini with lemon and orange. Leave to stand for 20 minutes until the water turns slightly yellow. pour the fruit over with boiling water
  7. Drain the aromatic water in a saucepan, pour in the sugar and boil it. drain the water and add sugar
  8. In each glass container add 2 teaspoons of lemon juice and pour boiling syrup. Tighten with lids and wrap in cloth. The next day, a warm blanket can be removed and moved to the storeroom. roll compote and send for storage

Pineapple compote from zucchini for the winter

pineapple compote of courgettesTo prepare a pineapple compote from zucchini for the winter, you need to prepare 1.5 kilograms of courgettes. For the aroma it is worth taking 1 orange and a liter of pineapple juice. Preservation will provide a floor of a tablespoon of citric acid, and sweetness will make 0.5 cups of sugar. To maximize the similarity of zucchini with pineapple, it is cut into rings. Thus, compote from zucchini for the winter as a pineapple with the listed ingredients acquires not only the taste of exotic fruit, but also the appearance. There is another option for making such compote, where instead of pineapple juice can be used canned pineapple. The taste will become more intense.


  1. Zucchini peel, remove the seeds and cut into half rings. You can cut into rings, and remove the core after each ring with a glass or a glass. It all depends on the size of the vegetable. ringlets chop the young zucchini
  2. Squeeze out the orange juice, dilute it with pineapple and pour into slicing with zucchini. Leave in this state for about an hour. pour the squash with pineapple juice
  3. Put the pan with zucchini on the stove, fill it with sugar and citric acid. Boil and cork in sterilized jars.

To zucchini remained crispy, the procedure of welding should be reduced to 5 minutes, only in this case, compote for the winter is not suitable.

Compote of zucchini and sea-buckthorn for the winter

compote of sea-buckthorn and zucchiniA delicious taste of a refreshing drink can be obtained by boiling compote from zucchini and sea-buckthorn for the winter. For the thirsting agent, you will need up to 1.2 kilograms of squash (zucchini) and 200-220 grams of sea-buckthorn. The syrup will use 2 liters of water and a half a kilogram of sugar. All these components are placed in a 3-liter glass jar for the winter.


  1. Peel the peel off the vegetables, divide into two parts along and get rid of the seeds with a spoon. Peel zucchini from the peel and remove the seeds
  2. Grind large pieces of prepared vegetable. chop
  3. Pour the cubes into the jar so that about 2/3 of its volume is occupied. fill two-thirds of the cans
  4. Sea-buckthorn berries rinse under running water. Move to a colander for draining the liquid. carefully wash the sea-buckthorn
  5. Pour berries over zucchini. to supplement the banks with sea-buckthorn
  6. Boil water and pour it into a zucchini mass, leave for 10 minutes. Drain the water in a saucepan and repeat the procedure twice. pour boiling water twice
  7. In the fragrant zucchini water add sugar and boil the mixture. add the infusion and add sugar
  8. Pour the jar with syrup and roll the tin. Wrap up and set aside for cooling off. The compote is ready!

The amount of water in this recipe is given approximately, a more accurate amount is found in the canning process.

Compote of plums and zucchini

compote of plums and courgettesThe creation of a delicious drink with fruit dessert will take about 30 minutes. The compote of plums and zucchini has an acidic taste and a pleasant aroma. It will require a pound of young zucchini and 300 grams of plums or cherry plums. For pouring, you need 1.5 liters of water with sugar to taste.


  1. Vegetables rid of skin and seeds. Cut into pieces. remove seeds from a zucchini and chop the pulp
  2. Wash the plum, you can not remove the bones. wash the plums
  3. Mix the two ingredients and cover it with plenty of sugar. Set aside for an hour to isolate the juice. mix the ingredients and add sugar
  4. In a saucepan, add the fruit and vegetable mixture to the fire. Pour in water if necessary so that it covers slightly the fruit. Boil, allow to cool. If desired, add vanilla sugar and sugar. add water and cook compote
  5. After cooling, again cook compote for 10 minutes. Strain and can be served to the table. If you want to preserve it for the winter, it should only be poured over sterilized cans and closed tightly.

Some tips for cooking compote from zucchini

  1. Young, elastic zucchini do not need peeling. It is so soft and pleasant that it will not be noticeable in the drink.
  2. No need to digest zucchini, they lose their stiffness, lose their crunch, turning into mashed potatoes or gruel.
  3. Too sour or very sweet compote to dilute with boiled water.
  4. Preserving a drink for the winter requires mandatory sterilization of the cans before cooking.
  5. Just cooked compote from zucchini without additives can be consumed by adding a few spoons of gin to it.

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