Fruit recipes for the winter: canning apples in own juice

billets from apples

Preservation in own juice is the cheapest and fastest way of making provisions for the winter. The most delicious are apples in their own juice for the winter, the recipes for such preparations are simple and not troublesome. The clogged vitamin set in one can replace one pack of expensive vitamins from the pharmacy. In addition, in winter it is very difficult to find a natural product for yourself. Open food, cooked at home, will please you and your family.

The need for apples in our lives

Immunity in our lives plays an important role, and, consequently, apple juice is an integral part of the human diet, because it contains enough vitamins, vitally important for the health and growth of the body. A glass of juice will help you prevent diseases such as angina or bronchitis. This drink has a positive effect on the oral mucosa, retains teeth, kills bacteria. In addition, this fruit is always used as the basis of the diet.

The presence in the apple of vitamin B1, B2, C, E, P, iron, manganese, potassium and other nutrients suggests that this fruit should be consumed every day in order to be healthy and vigorous. The apple in the diet serves as a preventive product when cold symptoms appear, stabilizes pressure, strengthens bone-cartilaginous tissues, and removes cholesterol from the blood. Apple peel contains oxidants, which slow down the formation of cancer cells.

With exacerbation of gastric diseases, you can eat a baked apple once a day.

Apples and canning

fragrant applesIt is desirable to close apples in the season of their harvest. They are not treated with chemicals, so they are better stored and contain more useful substances. I want to see such a natural product in the winter. Apples in their own juice for the winter is the easiest and affordable option. One of the advantages of preserving apples is the preservation of all utilities when treating them with hot water and steam. During the canning is not added vinegar. Apple acids replace the standard vinegar so that during the storage of provisions the jars do not explode. There are even many recipes for the production of apple cider vinegar, the shelf life of which is up to 2 years. And, consequently, and ready provisions from apples and juice, it is desirable to eat for two years. Banks for canning are necessarily amenable to processing by hot temperature, this, again, is done due to the fact that the provisions do not use vinegar. Apples in their own juice for the winter, recipes with a photo of the process of preparing them are similar in many respects, there are some differences, which are given below.

Apples in their own juice for the winter with sterilization

Steps of preservation:

  1. Elastic, ripe, not rotted 1 kg of apples to wash. If desired, the core can be removed. my apples
  2. To sterilize the jars. we sterilize the banks
  3. Lay out layers of fruit: a layer of apples, a layer of sugar. For 1 kg of apples you need 500 g of sugar. can fill the jars with apples
  4. Bottles with ingredients put sterilized for 15 minutes with a moment of boiling water in a saucepan. During this time, the juice will separate from the apples, which will fill more than half of the can (»2/3). It all depends on the juiciness of apples.
  5. Boil separately 300 ml of water and fill it with a void in the jar until the neck. Do not remove the container from the pan. With the water portion of the water, sterilize the provisions for another 10 minutes. pour in syrup
  6. Remove, cover and roll. Wrap in warm. Done. roll up and wrap

After sterilization, the jars should be placed on a wooden board or cloth, so that the glass does not burst from contact with the cold table.

Apples in their own juice for the winter without sterilization

In this recipe there is no sterilization of cans with apples inside, but in advance empty glass containers must be cooked in order to avoid disruption of ready provisions.

Steps of preservation:

  1. Sterilize empty jars. This procedure can be carried out by placing them in an oven or by placing them on a kettle.
  2. 1 kg of apples to clean, remove bones and greens. Cut into pieces and place in a jar. remove the core
  3. Sprinkle 300 g of sugar in a saucepan, pour 1 liter of cold water and boil. make syrup
  4. Sweet boiling liquid pour into a jar with apples and cork. Bon Appetit! delicious apples

Apples in their own juice for the winter without sugar in the example of wounded

Steps of preservation:

  1. 2 kg of wounds thoroughly wash and clean the core with a gadget. remove the core from the apples
  2. Tightly push them into jars. put apples in jars
  3. Prepare 4 kg of apples for making 2 liters of juice. Wash, remove the rind, cut into pieces, squeeze out in the juicer. The resulting juice is boiled in a saucepan. squeeze the juice
  4. Pour the glass container with apple juice jars and allow it to soak in the fruit for about an hour.
  5. Drain the juice back into the pan, boil again and pour the cans again. Roll up the covers and wrap them in the canvas. vitamin preparation

With 2 kg of apples, 1 l of pure apple juice is obtained.

Apples with wedges in their own juice with spices

Such a recipe for apples in its own juice for the winter requires the addition of lemon balm and lemon grass. But these ingredients are presented as an example, you can replace them with mint leaves or something else. The conservation stages will not change. preparation of ingredients

Steps of preservation:

  1. Wash apples, cut out the core, cut into pieces.
  2. Place the cut into brackish water in the following proportions: a liter of water + 15 g of salt. apples in salt water
  3. After 4 – 5 minutes, rinse apples with clean water and sprinkle with boiling water.
  4. Put the processed fruit in a 3-liter jar, place several sheets of Schisandra, a branch of lemon balm. lemon balm
  5. Prepare apple juice: squeeze on a juicer 2 kg of apples, to get 1 liter of juice. Boil in a saucepan. boil apple juice
  6. Pour boiling syrup over the can. Cover with a lid, cover with a warm blanket and leave it as it is until completely cooled.

apples in their juiceRecipes for the winter apples in their own juice are not very different from each other. As a syrup, which will store apples can be used as its own juice, separated from apples by scalding them with boiling water, and juice from the juicer from other apples. To fill the provisions with the desired after-taste, you can add any other fruit at will, whole or with freshly squeezed juice from it.

Delicious for you blanks for the winter!

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