How to cook apple wine at home?

homemade apple wineOn the counter with alcoholic beverages, apple wine is the cheapest, however this is not related to the quality of the products. The fact is that the technology of cooking is quite light, and raw materials are cheap and very common. Thanks to these factors, almost any person can make wine from apples at home, even if he does not have experience in brewing and winemaking.

What do you need to make apple wine?

apples for making wineThe list of ingredients for wine is very short, because a novice winemaker will only need:

  • apples;
  • sugar.

Apples can be used in one class, but a much more pleasant aroma of wine is obtained by mixing different varieties of apples. Even unripe and sour fruits are suitable for wine. Ideally, use the harvest from your own plot. When buying the same, pay attention only to local varieties, especially if they look unpresentable: small, unevenly colored and so on. The reason is that winemaking will require wild yeast from the peel, and imported and beautiful apples are often treated with wax, so are useless for preparing alcoholic beverages.

Instead of apples, you can use ready-made juice. But the packaged juice from the stores does not work, you will need a completely natural product without additives.

The amount of sugar for wine is calculated based on the amount of juice obtained and the desired result. For example, for ordinary dry it takes only about 200 g of sugar per 1 liter of juice, and for a sweet dose of sugar it will be necessary to increase 2 times.

Sometimes the recipe for apple wine at home involves diluting the juice with water. This move is acceptable when using a large number of unripe or sour fruits. If the juice is too sour or bitter, it is permissible to pour 100 ml of water per liter of flavored liquid.

To make wine more spicy will help spices. Often, in apple wine at the last stage of cooking, add cinnamon, coriander or cardamom.

Stages of winemaking

crush applesAfter harvesting apples from them, you need to squeeze out the juice. Before this procedure, fruit can not be washed, but if they are in sand or earth, you can wipe them with a dry rag. The central part of the apple with bones for juice is not needed, as it gives extra bitterness. If there is no juicer, you can grate the raw material on a grater to the state of mashed potatoes, and then squeeze the gruel through the cheesecloth.

The juice is poured into a container with a wide neck, which must be tied with gauze to prevent dust and debris from entering the liquid. The juice should fill the tank no more than 2/3. Next, the container is placed in a dark and warm place for 2-3 days. Room temperature should be from 18 to 25 degrees. The warmer it will be, the faster the product will wander. In many wine recipes from apples it is recommended to mix the wort at the first stage several times a day. By the end of this stage, the juice acquires a characteristic acidic-alcoholic odor.

Further from the surface of the future apple wine, fermented dense flesh is removed, so that only liquid remains in the container. It is peppered with sugar. Sugar can be filled immediately in full or in parts. Half before the establishment of the water seal, and the second half after 5-10 days.

leave the juice for fermentationAfter the addition of sugar, the container with wine from apples is tightly closed with a lid, in the center of which it is necessary to cut a small hole with a diameter in the width of the tube. One end of the tube is lowered into a container with juice so as not to touch the liquid, the other end is lowered into a glass with water. This design is a hydraulic seal. It will help get rid of excess gas, which is formed during fermentation. Replace the hydraulic seal with a medical glove with a puncture in one of the fingers.

percolate the wineThe wine wanders 30-60 days. The end of the process can be noticed by the fact that the water stops bubbling or the glove is blown off. After that, the wine is filtered through gauze bottles, spices are added, and the product of home winemaking ripens for another 2-4 months. Stored home wine from apples 3 years in a cool dark place.

Video Recipe for Apple Wine at Home

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