How to make delicious plum wine: stages, description, photo

plum winePlum wine with a rich aroma and unusual taste is liked by most connoisseurs of this drink. It is most popular in semi-sweet and semi-dry. The given alcoholic drink perfectly approaches to meat and sweets. However, its composition on the shelves of stores is not always made from natural ingredients. Below are several options for how to make plum wine yourself at home.

Wine can be cooked absolutely from all sorts of plums. Whether it’s yellow, blue or green plum, the final result is obtained with a specific taste and aroma. Nevertheless, preference is given to dark varieties, it is from them that wine is usually made. Juice from these fruits is difficult to squeeze, so the preparation of wine requires several stages of straining before complete readiness. Before you start, the torn fruits should be fried for a few hours in the sun. Only too dirty fruits need to be washed, but relatively clean should not be touched.

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The classic recipe for plum wine

wine from plums according to the classic recipePlum wine at home is prepared easily and without significant financial costs. It is enough to collect 1 kg of ripe fruit, buy sugar, combine everything, and the rest is a matter of time.

Stages of preparation:

  1. Ripened plums rid of pits and turn into a mushy composition with the aid of cricket. Pour as much water as the puree (1: 1). Covering with gauze or a light cotton cloth, leave alone for 3 days. ripe plums free from bones and rub
  2. Through the allotted amount of time the plum puree should turn into two components: juice and mash. The latter must be discarded, but the juice, filtering, sent to a separate container for fermentation. to separate the mash from the juice
  3. To get dry wine in a bottle with a plum liquid, add 200 grams (1 glass) of sugar. If you want to taste the taste of dessert wine, you should increase the amount of sugar and add 300-360 grams. After adding sugar, the container should be shaken well to dissolve completely. add sugar to the container
  4. On the neck of the container you need to put on a rubber medical glove, on the finger of which you need to make a small puncture with a needle. Set aside in a shaded place for 1.5 months. During this time there should be room temperature without obvious differences – 20-25 degrees of heat. leave the bottle for fermentation
  5. Pour the fermented wine into another bottle and seal it tightly. Six months later, the cloudy composition must be filtered out. To obtain a transparent wine without suspension, its aging should be at least 3 years.

Wine readiness is determined by the condition of the glove on the neck. The vertical position and the air inside indicate an incomplete fermentation. A blown glove means that the process is over.

A simple recipe for home-made wine from a plum can be satiated a little by adding raisins to it. To do this, raisins are poured with warm water, covered with sugar and left for 4 days.

raisins for adding to wineIn the future, wine does not need the raisins themselves, but the liquid obtained from it. After the specified days, the mixture is filtered, getting a certain liquid that interferes with the plum juice. Then the process of preparation takes place in the usual stages.

Recipe for Japanese plum wine

japanese plum wineJapanese plum wine is made from Japanese plum (apricot). For a drink you need to collect 1 kg of immature plum. The taste of wine will be tart and sweet. Create alcohol on a Japanese recipe will help fruit alcohol (shochu) in the amount of 1 liter, as well as rock sugar – a pound.

Stages of preparation:

  1. Wash the green fruit and remove it gently with a toothpick or similar device. from the Japanese plum remove the stone
  2. Wash the jar of large volume, treat it with alcohol and place plums in it. Pour them sugar and pour the shochu. plums pour sugar and pour fruit alcohol
  3. The container should be closed and moved to a cool room, the temperature of which should be 16-20 degrees. Every two days, the tincture should be shaken for a month. Then shake once every two weeks, the remaining 5 months. The full term of cooking is six months.

The increase in the period of preparation of wine makes it every day brighter in color and more saturated to taste.

Recipe for Chinese plum wine

Chinese plum wineChinese plum wine is prepared with the same fruits of the Ume tree, but a bit different technology. Chinese people like to saturate it with other tints of taste, in order to get the most distant result of a standard drink.

Stages of preparation:

  1. Wash the sink, lightly dry. plums wash and dry
  2. Remove the bone with a toothpick. toothpick remove the stone
  3. To fall asleep with sugar and to immerse all in fruit alcohol. fill the fruit with sugar and pour alcohol
  4. After a short insistence on plum wine, you can add the following supplements to your taste: honey, green tea leaves, pearl leaves. Cork the ingredients for a year. During this time, periodically stir the future wine. A year later, drain the drink, make a portion to taste the plum juice and cork for another 5 years already in bottles. drain and additives
  5. The wine is ready!

Any plum wine, regardless of the aging period, has some sediment on the bottom. This is a feature of the drink from the plum, because of which you should not be upset. Ready wine is no worse than the standard grape and perfectly complements meat dishes and a sweet table.

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