Interesting recipes for snacks to whiskey for every taste

appetizer for whiskeyA properly selected snack for whiskey is a whole art. Everyone who loves this strong drink knows that not every dish will approach it. In order to try to feel its rich and incredible aroma, you should not only know how to drink whiskey correctly, but also how to choose food. After all, not matching a dish can simply spoil the whole taste. “With what to drink whiskey and what snack to choose?” – Many people ask this question. Everyone who wants not to spoil their holiday evening, you should know some recipes.

Which products are better served?

tartlets to whiskeyWhiskey is the most noble drink that can keep its quality and incredible taste for 100 years. He himself is very strong, so without food “not hardened” a person in this case can not do. Choose a snack for whiskey should be given its grade.

It will be best to combine:

  1. Drinks with pronounced taste. To this whiskey it is better to cook beef meat or game. It is advisable to use brazier for this. meat on the grill
  2. Grade beverages that have a mild aftertaste. Seafood is good for them. It is also recommended to use salmon, salmon, oysters, shrimp, scallops. All this can be cooked on the grill as well as in the oven. salmon fillets
  3. A drink that has a woody flavor. Fans of this variety often prefer to drink it with fried lamb or beef. fried beef
  4. Whiskey sweet fruit varieties are biting dark chocolate, grapes. You can also serve ginger biscuits. table grapes
  5. Drinks that have a herbal flavor are served with a variety of seafood. seafood
  6. Whiskey Indian varieties. Most suited to them are spicy dishes.

Those who prefer cheese snacks, should be extremely accurate, because not all its types are combined with whiskey. There are several varieties of this product that can be served on the table. These include Roquefort cheese, Cheddar, Parmesan, Pecorino.

Snack, which will give the drink an incredible taste

lemon and chocolateMany fans drink whiskey with cola. Such a cocktail drink the residents of the US eat ice cream, chocolate, various sweet desserts.

To cola does not spoil the taste of whiskey, it should be mixed with a liquid in the proportions of 1: 1.

This recipe is a real find to drink. Such a dish can cook even a man who does not have any culinary skills.

Necessary ingredients:

  • one lemon;
  • 2 teaspoons of coffee;
  • two tablespoons of sugar;
  • small toothpicks.

First, you need to wash the lemon and dry it with a paper towel. Then cut the citrus into half rings. It is important to make sure that there are no stones left in the lobules. thinly chop a lemon

Spread the lemon on a plate or saucer in a circle. beautifully lay out the lemon

Sprinkle one side of citrus with a little sugar, and put coffee on the other. Toothpicks stuck in the center of the peel. This is the best snack for whiskey with cola!

The most delicious and popular snack in the world

tartlets with salmonThis dish is prepared very quickly. Despite the fact that simple ingredients are used, the food turns out tasty and satisfying.

To prepare this recipe, you need to take:

  • 2 eggs;
  • 100 g of smoked salmon;
  • four small tartlets;
  • mayonnaise.

For the tartlets to be soft, it is necessary to wait 20-30 minutes.

Eggs should be boiled, peeled and crushed. Mix them with mayonnaise. If necessary, you can salt a little. finely chop the eggs mix eggs with mayonnaise

The filling, which turned out, will have to fill the tartlets.

Do this before the feed itself, if you want the workpieces to be crisp. To decorate each tartlet follows the chopped salmon. It is best to cut it into thin strips. Put side by side on a leaf of greenery.

Snack with cheese cream

snack with cheese creamTo prepare this dish, it will take a little bit to tinker, but it’s worth it. If everything is done correctly, the result will be a delicious snack, which will give the holiday incredible emotions.

Ingredients for cooking:

  • 2 Bulgarian peppers (red and yellow);
  • 80 g of Parmesan cheese;
  • 80 grams of curd cheese;
  • two small cloves of garlic;
  • a few feathers of green onions;
  • sea ​​ground salt;
  • ground allspice pepper;
  • skewers.

Peppers are washed, peeled and put in the oven for 25 minutes. Bake at 200C. After they are cooked, it will be necessary to shift them into a plastic bag and close tightly. Leave this for 10 minutes. Thanks to this procedure, the paprika will very quickly get rid of the skin, which should be done. bake pepper and peel it

The resulting pulp cut into strips. Their width should be within 3 cm. Then you can begin to prepare the filling. cut along

Parmesan and garlic grind in a blender. chop the parmesan in a blender

Add the cheese and finely chopped onions to the resulting mass. Stir the mixture with salt and pepper. For each strip, spread a small layer of filling and roll the pepper roll. Secure each element with a skewer. stuff

When serving, you can sprinkle on top with hard cheese or greens.

Correctly selected snack to whiskey – a pledge of a good holiday. To make a banquet unforgettable, it is enough to cook at least one of the above recipes.

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