It is important to know how to store beans until the next harvest at home

Storing beans in closed containersIn nature, all living things are in the food chain. Beans with its nutritional properties are no exception. Where there is a range of its cultivation, there live specific insects, bean grain. When infecting on the habitat, with the grains, these insects spread, getting to where the bean does not grow, but it is a lot of as a result of storage.

Beetle BruchusTherefore, all warehouses are treated with insecticides on schedule to destroy not only the grain, but also other insects in the warehouse. The question of how to store beans for winter consumption is more closely connected with preserving it from Bruchus, bean grain.

How to keep the beans for the winter?

Beans grainStorage of beans and green pods differs initially. The string bean can be preserved by all known methods, frozen and so it is stored with maximum benefit during the winter. But to preserve the grain beans you need to create other conditions. If you consider that the bean is a very useful product, replacing the composition of its meat, then spoil the stock, not observing the rules of storage, it is easy.

Protect the plant product should:

  • from improper drying and laying of moist grain;
  • from storage in conditions of high humidity;
  • non-observance of the temperature regime.

When storing beans, even right, over time, its nutritional value decreases, and the heat treatment time increases.

Of all beetles of pests of cereals and bean seeds for beans, the most common is bean bean or broomhus. These insects are quarantine pests. They dwell in a narrow area, where the beans have long been cultivated. They fall with the seed material and gradually multiply. Therefore, the task of the quarantine service is to prevent the spread of the beetle to new territories.

Chinese four-spotted gravel, quarantine pestRecently, the insects on the Chinese ship in the beans from India were stopped by the insects on the Far East. The insect and its living masonry were discovered on the ship in a food bean. Security measures have been taken. Often falls Bruchus from the Transcaucasian fields, there its kind. Therefore, it should be on the home sites to consider before planting each string bean and with holes in the bean, the seed should be destroyed by burning. In Russia, this pest was at the beginning of the last century, at the height of the Civil War, when there was no quarantine service. So far, no black beans have been spotted.

Black beans are not attacked by grainsHow to keep beans so that bugs do not start, you can understand, knowing the biology of the beetle. Zernovka actively reproduces in summer and winter in heated premises, giving 5-6 generations. In nature, egg laying goes to maturing beans up to 30 eggs per each. But the masonry is stretched in time. Oviposition is found on the leaf pods or on an immature bean in a cracks or gnawed hole. The larvae will develop in 10-11 days and will be introduced into the string bean. After 21 days the caterpillar turns into a pupa and in 10 days an adult insect is obtained.

Reproduction of grainWhen the temperature is 0-1 the death of larvae and pupae occurs in a month, at -12 in a day. So the cold storage method can protect the food stock from destruction. The beetle in the southern regions during the soft winters is not destroyed and can populate the vaults in a warm time. They colonize crops and have time to give 4-5 generations. Damaged beans lose their germination. In populated seeds through the shell, black points of the moves and excreta are seen.

Pests of legumes and cerealsOf great importance is the initial drying of the grain before laying. When the weather is fine, the beans pulled out from the garden before the opening of the leaflets should lie still for a few days in the sun, or, gathered in brooms, to wilt under a draft on the stakes. For food purposes, the beans are threshed and prepared for storage in winter.

Preservation of bean seeds at home

Will keep the beans intact garlicHow to store beans in winter for seeds, a separate story. Pick pods with undamaged leaves and without the slightest flaws. After drying in the sun, the beans in the pods are packed in a linen bag and kept in the fridge before the cold starts. Later the bag is taken out to the frost, suspended, so that the rodents will not eat it. Disassemble the pods just before planting. Another way of storing seeds is to pour ash and store in a glass sealed container. When adding a head or a few garlic cloves to the packaging, the guarantee of safety is enhanced.

There are several ways how to store beans at home for the winter. Humidity of the ambient air should not be more than 50%, and the temperature that stops biological development 10 , that is, before the frost, the storage space is a refrigerator. Keep in linen bags, you can put the garlic head inside.

If there are a lot of beans, it can be stored in cardboard boxes or wooden boxes, but inside there should be a layer of usual black and white newsprint. Typographic paint also prevents the settling of insects. Of course, the guarantee of the safety of the product will be winter storage in a cold place.

In a moist environment, the bean sprouts rapidlyAnother way how to keep beans for the winter is to use the heating of marketable grain. When heated in the oven to 90 0 In a few minutes, the beneficial properties of the beans will be preserved, and the contents will die. After such processing in a dry container with hermetic covers beans will persist not one winter. Another way is to heat up at 10 In one hour.

The covers, under which the beans are stored, can be glass and metal. Polyethylene – let in air. Linen bags for storage must first be kept in salt solution and dried.

When storing beans in heat in an open state with a violation of moisture, the bean can germinate or mold. You can not eat bean sprouts. As a planting material, it can be used if the time for sowing has come.

Proper storage of beans – video

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