Marinated cabbage “Pink petal” with beets

cabbage marinated with beetsAmong lovers of pickles and pickles, there are few that have never tasted “pink cabbage.” But not everyone knows how to achieve such an amazing color, let alone a crunch of marinated slices and a spicy flavor. Cabbage marinated with beets conquers from the first sample. This is an excellent appetizer and addition to salads, fish, meat dishes, vegetable garnishes and side dishes from various groats.

To prepare it does not require a lot of components and a long time. And the unusual look reminds the torn petals of roses, thanks to which the recipe for the quick preparation of cabbage marinated with beets and got such a name.

Marinating pink cabbage with beets

For marinating you will need:

  • 2 kg of white cabbage;
  • 2 beet roots;
  • 1 small garlic head;
  • 3 carrots.

marinade for cabbage with beetsFor the marinade you will need:

  • 1 liter of purified water;
  • 150 ml of refined sunflower oil;
  • 150 ml of 9% vinegar;
  • 2 tbsp. tablespoons of salt;
  • 150 g of sugar;
  • peas of pepper;
  • Bay leaf.

Step-by-step preparation process:

  1. Rinse and clean cabbage from the top of the soiled, so that no leaves remain. wash cabbage
  2. Wash and peel the beetroot, and then carrots. wash and peel carrots and beets
  3. Slice the cabbage leaves with large enough squares. cut cabbage into squares
  4. Carrots and beets should be cut into circles (if large beet – cut the circles in half). chop the beets into slices chop chop the carrots
  5. Peel the garlic or cut into plates. crush the garlic
  6. Lay the prepared vegetables in layers, alternating them: carrots, cabbage, beets, a little garlic and so on. You can mix all the vegetables in a bowl and put them in a jar with a single mass. put the vegetables in the cans
  7. Pour over marinade with spices.
  8. Top with a little refined oil.
  9. Cover the jars with plastic lids, cool and clean in the refrigerator. pour marinade and close
  10. Let the cabbage stand for 3-4 days. After – it can be served to the table.

Marinated cabbage with beets for the winter is best obtained if you use late varieties that have more elastic and non-lethargic leaves. Late root vegetables will also be juicier and more useful.

Preparation of marinade:

  1. Dissolve salt and sugar in warm water. Their quantity can be adjusted to taste.
  2. Add the spices in the marinade and put on fire.
  3. Boil, add the vinegar and mix.
  4. Marinade slightly cool, so that the cabbage, filled in with it, could not be welded.

Recipe for pickled crispy cabbage and beets for the winter

crispy pickled cabbageTo stock up cabbage for the winter, it can be rolled into well-cleaned sterilized jars and enjoy a spicy taste at any time.

For long storage, cabbage can be cut into large pieces, and small and even in half. Carrots and beets are also cut into large pieces, and garlic – ringlets. Thus, vegetables will save more useful substances, and when served on the table, it will be possible to fantasize with different types of slicing.

Recipe for instant cooking of pickled cabbage with beets

chopped cabbage with beetsCabbage does not need to be harvested in large quantities for future use, and then to look for a place among the variety of canning for storing cans and bottles. Marinated cabbage with beets can be prepared with a quick recipe and it will be ready for delivery in 4-5 hours.

Cooking process:

  1. Cabbage should be chopped or thinly cut into strips. chop cabbage
  2. Transfer it to a large, spacious bowl.
  3. Beetroot and carrots grate. chop carrots and beets
  4. Mix beetroot, carrots and cabbage and lightly “crush” with your hands, so that they start to start the juice. mix vegetables
  5. Squeeze garlic to the vegetables. mix the vegetables and add garlic
  6. Put the mass in the jars.
  7. Marinade cook according to the previous recipe, but the oil should be poured immediately and warm it together with all the ingredients. to cook marinade for potting vegetables
  8. Pour the marinade vegetable mixture until it is hot.
  9. Leave to infuse at room temperature for about 5 hours.

There are many recommendations how to pickle cabbage with beets. Some advise, for a stronger crunch, to add cherry leaves to the marinade (such a secret has been removed from the recipe for the pickling of cucumbers). Others – on the addition of onions and sweet peppers, for the saturation of taste. Still others insist on other proportions of sugar, vinegar and salt. Everything depends on personal preferences. It is worthwhile to experiment a little and in the culinary book there will be one more ideal recipe of pickled cabbage with beet for the winter.

Cabbage marinated without vinegar for the winter with beets

For marinating vinegar is sometimes replaced with citric acid. On average, its quantity is determined by the number of 3 liter bottles – about 1 tsp. on a bottle of water. Occasionally, lemon juice is used.

For the preparation of cabbage without vinegar, beets, carrots cut into cubes, garlic – plates. Cabbage – to chop. Put the mixed vegetables in a sterilized bottle and add coriander seeds, bay leaves, clove buds and pepper peas to them.

cabbage marinated without vinegarFor the marinade, boil water (1 liter) and dilute 0.5 teaspoons of citric acid in it, 3 tbsp. tablespoons sugar, 1.5 tbsp. tablespoons of salt. Boil 3-5 minutes, pour only the boiled marinade container with cabbage. To roll.

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