The most delicious and interesting recipes of orange jam

fragrant orange jamWhat can be more delicious than orange jam, plentifully smeared with freshly baked pancakes? Only two or three of these pancakes. The best breakfast and imagine it is impossible – he will charge for the whole day vivacity and good mood. If there is no such stock among your stocks, let’s try to do it now in the most convenient way for you.

Method one – in the multivark

orange jam in the multivarkThe way of preparation of an orange jam in a multivarker is suitable for the most busy or inexperienced housewives. We will only need to prepare the fruit for cooking and weigh all the ingredients, and the electronic kitchen assistant will do the rest according to the set program.

thick delicious orange jamThe quantity of products is calculated for one liter jar can:

  • oranges – 5 large ones with a thin skin;
  • lemon – half the average size;
  • sugar – by weight of the peeled fruit in proportion one to one.

To obtain a homogeneous mass, the peeled fruit is pre-blended with a blender, meat grinder or food processor.

puree of orangesThis recipe for orange jam will take very little time:

  1. First carefully my fruit, remove a thin layer of peel from half a lemon and an orange and grind it with a knife.
  2. The remaining fruit is peeled and cut to your liking.
  3. We weigh the fruit mass together with the zest and cover it with the same amount of sugar. If the oranges are very sweet, the amount of sugar is better slightly reduced.
  4. Leave the mixture for a few hours or overnight, so that the secret juice dissolves all the sugar.
  5. Then put everything in the bowl of the multivark and turn on the “Baking” or “Jam” mode.
  6. We wait, when the contents boil and expose the timer for half an hour. During this time, we have time to sterilize the banks.

tender jam from orangesReady jam is poured over cans in a hot form, as after cooling it thickens.

The second way is in the bread maker

orange jam in the bread makerOrange jam in the bread maker is even easier to weld, since the magic unit will even stir itself. The main thing is that the program “Gem” was present in it. We will need the following ingredients:

  • 3 large oranges;
  • 1.25 cups of sugar;
  • 50 ml of water;
  • 1/3 teaspoon of citric acid;
  • 5 tablespoons starch.

The recipe for cooking jam from oranges will be provided with step-by-step photos for those who have not yet mastered the breadmaker.

Choose three large oranges and carefully mine them. three oranges for jam

We clean them from the peel and cut them into slices. clear oranges

We shift the cut fruits into a bucket. we cut oranges

Add sugar. fall asleep in the bread maker sugar

We pour the water. add water

Add the citric acid.

Lastly add the starch and shake the bucket several times to allow the contents to mix. It remains to put the container in the bread maker and turn on the desired mode.

As a rule, in bakery, the jam cooking mode is designed for one hour and twenty minutes. Orange jam will be ready in an hour, so in order to preserve vitamins the program can be stopped before the due date.

After turning off the bread maker, hot mass is poured over sterilized jars and rolled up.

The third way is in a saucepan, but from the peel

jam from orange peelIf in the previous recipes we peeled the citrus peel, now it will be necessary for us. Lovers of jam from orange peels assure that the boiled pieces of peel in it taste like marmalade. This workpiece is perfect for stuffing in pies, cheesecakes and cookies and fruit cake interlayer. The following ingredients are needed for the preparation of dessert:

  • orange peel – 0.5 kg;
  • sugar – 0,75 kg;
  • water 0.25 ml;
  • half a lemon.

brew jam from an orange peelCork over and soak in cold water for a day, two times changing water. Then pour out the water and weigh the crusts. Sugar must be taken in the proportion of 1 to 1.5. Cork cut into strips 1 cm wide, and strips into small cubes. Strips can not be cut, but twisted. The remaining bones are tied in a gauze gauze.

In pits contains pectin, which allows the jam to thicken, so they can be used instead of starch.

The chopped crust, along with the gauze knot, is poured with water and boiled for half an hour. After boiling, the fire is reduced to a minimum. During cooking, the mixture should be stirred with a wooden spoon. Half an hour later, a pouch with seeds is pulled out, sugar is poured and continues to boil for another 1.5 hours on a slow fire. Before turning off the plate, squeeze out half a lemon juice into a saucepan and stir. Ready jam from orange peels spread out on clean jars and roll.

Method four – together with the skin

jam from oranges with peelIn the skin of citrus fruits contain essential oils, giving fruit a fragrance and possessing a mass of useful properties. Let’s try to make a jam of oranges with peel. Such a product will bring more benefits and will preserve spicy notes. For preparation it is necessary to take:

  • 350 g of oranges;
  • 350 g of sugar;
  • 100 ml of water;
  • citric acid on the tip of the spoon.

Fruits wash, cut into pieces and free from pits. Skip the oranges through the meat grinder. Fold in a pan with a thick bottom all the ingredients, except citric acid. Cook for about half an hour. Before the end add citric acid, stir again and turn off. Ready to put the orange jam in a jar and spin.

Method last – with additives

aromatic jam with spicesVaried orange flavor can and should be, adding to jam different spices, nuts or other fruits. Consider the most original additives:

  1. A stick of cinnamon, a few stars of buckthorn, nails, a little fragrant and black pepper will turn orange jam into a kind of thick mulled wine. This mixture warms well and is very fragrant. cinnamon carnation
  2. Adding grated almonds at the end of cooking will give jam a tart nutty note. almond
  3. Half a teaspoon of cardamom and white pepper, added in jam, will turn it into a savory snack for cheese, black bread with butter or salt crackers. The amount of sugar should be reduced by half. cardamom

Oranges are amazing fruits. They are perfectly combined with a variety of different products, giving them a bright festive taste. Bypassing the minimum of simple ingredients, at home, you can prepare orange jam for any gourmet.

Gem from oranges, lemons and ginger – video

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