Tips from the master: how to cook juicy beef baked in the oven

baked beefWhen all members of the family gather after a busy day, they want to eat deliciously. Beef, baked in the oven – a great dish, which is rich in flavor, juiciness of the product and useful substances. Wise mistresses try to put their souls into the preparation of such meat, so that the joint meal will bring everyone satisfaction.

There are many options for creating beef baked in the oven. What will help you find the most suitable, and apply it for a family dinner? Particular attention should be paid to the advice of masters who have a rich experience in this matter. And also a detailed description of recipes and photos of your favorite dishes.

According to nutritionists, beef contains a number of amino acids and minerals that have a positive effect on the human digestive system. Regular consumption of the product normalizes acidity in the stomach.

Beef in company with vegetables

beef with vegetablesMeat and vegetables are the perfect combination of products, which is distinguished by its excellent taste and aroma. Consider a recipe for baked beef in a company with popular vegetables. For the dish you will need these components:

  • beef (pulp);
  • Bulgarian pepper;
  • tomatoes;
  • carrot;
  • leek;
  • onion red;
  • peas (frozen or canned);
  • sweet corn;
  • butter;
  • vegetable fat;
  • rosemary;
  • seasoning “Provencal herbs”;
  • mixture of peppers;
  • salt.

The process of making baked beef baked in the oven consists of such operations:

  1. A piece of beef meat is thoroughly washed under a moderate stream of water. Dry it with paper napkins and cut into medium pieces. prepare beef
  2. Onions are shredded in half rings, then mixed with meat and spread on a greased baking sheet. Top with “Provencal herbs”, salt and pepper. pickle meat
  3. Bulgarian peppers are cut with straws of equal length. Tomatoes are cut into cubes. Carrot halves or circles, as someone likes. prepare vegetables
  4. Vegetables, corn, peas are added in a separate bowl. Stirred. Add pepper, salt, rosemary. mix the vegetables and salt
  5. Over the pieces of meat spread with vegetables. Make several layers. From above scatter slices of butter. lay the meat and vegetables on a baking sheet
  6. In a preheated oven, lay a baking tray with meat and bake for 45 minutes. After that, the product is covered with a sheet of foil, continuing to bake for the same amount of time. bake

The finished dish is left in the form for 30 minutes, so that the vegetables are soaked with meat juice. Then they serve a family meal with red wine.

There are different opinions about how much to bake beef in the oven. Some consider 2 hours, others – 3. The main guideline should be the soft state of the product.

Beef with cheese

baked beef with cheeseOften busy people try to cook dinner on a quick hand, as they are driven by a feeling of hunger. Unfortunately, this approach can lead to eating disorders. Experienced culinary experts offer to evaluate the taste of refined meat, which can be quickly prepared from such components:

  • beef;
  • hard cheese;
  • mayonnaise;
  • bow;
  • Bay leaf;
  • pepper;
  • lean oil;
  • salt.

Probably, someone will have a question: how much to bake beef to get succulent meat? Consider the recipe, and calculate the time.

In a wide pan put a piece of beef. Pour water, add salt, pepper and bay leaf. Cook for about 60 minutes. boil beef

When it cools down, cut into slices and lightly beaten with a wooden hammer. Then spread the beef on a greased baking sheet. portioned chunks

Sliced ​​onions fry in a frying pan until the appearance of golden color. fry onions Add salt and pepper. For each piece of meat, layers are first laid onions, then a slice of hard cheese. “Pyramid” is filled with low-fat mayonnaise and sent to the oven, heated to 180 ° C. The meat is baked for 15 minutes. bake beef with cheese

As soon as it forms a ruddy crust, the oven is turned off. It turns out that in total the dish is prepared for just over an hour. For dinner, beef is served with pickled cucumbers, potatoes or rice porridge.

To get the meat, like in the chic restaurants of the world, it is better to use a fresh version of the product, rather than frozen.

Video-recipe of beef in the oven with tomatoes and cheese

Juicy meat and champignons

baked beef with champignonSurprisingly delicious turns beef in foil, baked in the oven with potatoes and mushrooms. IngredientsTo prepare you will need simple ingredients:

  • beef fillet;
  • Champignon;
  • potatoes;
  • vegetable oil (can be creamy);
  • sour cream or cream;
  • pepper;
  • salt;
  • greens for presentation.

Step-by-step instructions for creating dishes:

  1. Beef fillets are thoroughly washed in clean water. Wipe with a paper towel. wash beef Slice pieces of about 2 cm in thickness are cut across the fibers and beat off. cut the meat and discourage
  2. In the frying pan pour oil, warm up, and then fry the prepared meat from both sides. fry in oilThe procedure is carried out on high heat so that a brown crust appears. fry on both sides
  3. Potatoes are peeled, cut into slices, and then fried in vegetable oil. clean and cut Usually it is done about 25 minutes. fry
  4. Champignons thoroughly washed, shredded and fried in a frying pan on sunflower oil for at least 10 minutes. cut the soaked mushrooms  fry the mushrooms
  5. A few minutes before the full readiness of the mushrooms add sour cream or cream. Stew, stirring constantly. to extinguish mushrooms in sour cream
  6. The tray is covered with foil, grease. lay the meat on foilLay the beef chops, and on top place the fried potatoes, champignons. put the meat on the potatoes The product is salted and peppered. put the mushrooms on the potatoes
  7. Preheat the oven to a maximum temperature of 200 ° C. Put the baking sheet in it for 45 minutes. Bake beef with mushrooms and potatoes

Ready beef, baked with potatoes and mushrooms, served with fresh herbs of parsley, basil or arugula. It is possible to emphasize the taste qualities with sweet dessert wine.

Appetizing appetizer for unexpected guests

appetizing baked beefIf in the refrigerator there is a piece of perfectly cooked meat, the hostess is not afraid to meet unexpected guests. Of course, it should be prepared in advance, and the recipe will be provided by experienced masters.

Beef, baked in the oven and in foil by a piece is a wonderful idea for prudent women who keep their hand on the pulse of events. The composition of the dish includes a simple set of products:

  • fresh beef meat;
  • dry red wine;
  • four large cloves of garlic;
  • olive oil;
  • vegetable oil;
  • mustard in beans in French;
  • salt;
  • basil (seasoning);
  • coriander;
  • rosemary;
  • paprika;
  • turmeric;
  • pepper.

The cooking variant consists of simple steps:

  1. Beef meat is thoroughly washed under running water. Remove all visible films. Dry with paper napkins for the kitchen. rinse meat
  2. Garlic is peeled off the husk, after which each tooth is cut into several pieces. Wash and chop the garlic
  3. The meat is put in a deep bowl. Add salt, pepper, olive oil, wine and mustard. Fingers rub marinade into the pulp, then cut with a knife to insert pieces of garlic. pickle beef  garlic
  4. The product together with the marinade is placed in a bag, securely packed and sent to a cold place for 12 hours. pickled meat put in a package
  5. To bake beef with a piece in the oven, it is placed on foil, then tightly wrapped. put the meat in foil
  6. The oven is heated to a temperature of 220 degrees. Bake for 15 minutes, and then reduce the heat to 180 ° C. After about an hour and a half, the foil is gently opened and baked to form a brown crust. bake

Beef, baked with a piece, is served with mashed potatoes, herbs and vegetables. In the cooled form it is cut with small slices, as a snack to alcoholic beverages.

To help the hostess – the sleeve for baking

meat baked in the sleeveMany culinary experts appreciated the magnificent device for the preparation of delicious dishes – a sleeve made from food film. Products in it are obtained not only tasty, but also beautiful in appearance. The secret is to preserve the juice that secrete meat.

For the preparation of beef in a sleeve baked in the oven, you need the following products:

  • meat;
  • vegetable oil;
  • garlic;
  • soy sauce;
  • ginger;
  • a pod of bitter pepper;
  • salt.

Steps to create a dish:

  1. Prepare the marinade. For this, ginger and several cloves of garlic are ground using a blender. A homogeneous mass should be obtained. chop ginger and garlic
  2. In the container pour soy sauce, lean oil and previously prepared mass with garlic. To sharpness of taste add a few rings of hot pepper. to cook a marinade
  3. The marinade is stirred and put the beef into it for 30 minutes. In this case, it is important to periodically turn it over. pickle beef
  4. When the time comes out, the meat is taken out and packed into a sleeve. The oven is heated to a temperature of 200 degrees. Fill it with meat and bake for a little over an hour. bake beef in the sleeve

Ready beef is very carefully extracted from the sleeve. Transfer to a flat plate, pour sauce and invite everyone to the table. For garnish, any kind of cereal, seasoned with butter, is suitable.

An exquisite gourmet dish

Beef baked in a multivariateModern cooks recommend to cook an amazing dish – beef baked in a multivariate. To do this, you only need to take these products:

  • meat;
  • salt;
  • spice;
  • water.

First of all, beef is washed under the tap and cut out the film. In a deep container pour boiled water, add three tablespoons of salt. Stir well. In the brine put a piece of meat and marinate for 12 hours. marinate meat in brine

The liquid must completely cover the beef. If it pops up, you need to put a plate on top.

When this time passes, the meat is pulled out of the brine. get meat from the brineThen abundantly rub with spices. Wrapped in foil and stacked in a bowl multivarka. sprinkle with spices and wrap in foilNext, a glass of water is poured into the container, covered with a lid and the “Baking” mode is started. Cooking time – 40 minutes. to cook beef in a multivariate

Ready beef is cut into small pieces. Serve with tomato sauce and greens. beef is ready for use

Video Recipe for Wellington Beef in the oven

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