We make freezing of eggplants for the winter

Eggplant cook many dishesUnlike other vegetables, aubergines after freezing change the structure and taste beyond recognition. Therefore, there are special tricks of eggplant frosting for the winter at home. The Indian alien is so fond of cooks that the methods of home freezing are used more often. Especially since the dishes from frozen eggplants to taste are indistinguishable from those cooked from fresh fruits.

What is useful eggplant?

Appetizer from eggplant

The native land of eggplant is India. They belong to the family of solanaceous. Thermophilic culture is demanding in agrotechnics. In cooking, eggplants take a worthy place thanks to their useful ingredients. Micronutrients, represented in its composition, have a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system. There are special properties in fruits:

  1. Eggplant intake reduces the craving for tobacco, since the pulp contains the amount of nicotine needed by the smoker.
  2. Activates the process of removing bile from the body, which is important for liver diseases.
  3. A large amount of fiber improves intestinal peristalsis. Copper stimulates the hematopoiesis system.
  4. Solanin, present in eggplants, gives them bitterness, but it is easily removed by soaking with salt.
  5. Fruits are a perishable product.

In addition to the usual canning, eggplants are frozenExtend the use of eggplant can, using canning. But with the heat treatment the amount of useful substances is reduced by half. With the advent of household freezers, there was a way to preserve the benefits of green products by freezing. Is it possible to freeze aubergines for the winter? Yes, you can. At the same time, the useful composition is preserved almost completely. The faster the freezing, the more vitamins in the greens and fruits. However, the products are not allowed to repeatedly freeze. The product taken from the freezer should be used without residue. In addition, unlike carrots, beets, parsley and dill eggplant need special treatment before laying in the freezer.

When stored in the light, eggplants produce solanine, which is a poisonous substance. It is contained in fruits in small quantities, giving them bitterness.

How to freeze aubergines for the winter?

Raw eggplants do not freezeThere are general recommendations that should be used when laying eggplants in the freezer:

  1. You can not freeze fruits without pre-soaking. In this case, the pulp becomes rubber.
  2. Soaking is always carried out in saline solution, which removes the bitterness of the product. Time of soaking for several hours. You can sprinkle salt on the cutting for an hour with the squeezed out juice.
  3. Regardless of the method of further processing, the mass or fruit ready to be stored must be wrapped so that there is no air, no oxidation occurs.
  4. Before storing for storage, the blanks must be drained of excess moisture or oil on paper towels.
  5. Store the finished product in a sealed container or a food bag for no more than 6 months.
  6. When you pack different packages and containers into the freezer, you must sign the product. Packages with winter storage are indistinguishable.

The methods of blanks differ in different recipes. Many recommendations on how to freeze eggplants can be found on culinary sites. At the same time, blanching, frying in a frying pan or in the oven is used until soft.

Before freezing, the eggplants are baked in the ovenThe fastest way is billets in the form of whole eggplant. Fresh elastic fruit without damage is washed and allowed to dry. Remove the tail and fry from all sides on a dry skillet-free frying pan. It is important to turn the fruit, so that bitter juice flows out. After that, remove the skin and, after cooling the eggplant, wrap it in a food film, put it in the freezer.

If the same eggplant is sprinkled with salt and greased with vegetable oil, then after baking in the oven until soft, it will be ready, as a semi-finished product. We remove the skin and also pack it in a food film.

Cut eggplants can also be frozenIf you are cutting, you should prepare cubes, strips, slices for a certain dish. In this case, take into account that the smaller the fragment, the faster it will freeze and save more vitamins. After cutting and salted processing slices and can go to blanching, in the oven for baking or in a frying pan. Sometimes eggplant slices are fried after breading in flour or breadcrumbs. Baked and fried eggplant slices are ready for use after defrosting.

Before freezing eggplants blanchBlanching – heat treatment for several minutes and then cooling in water:

  1. In boiling water, lower the prepared slicing and boil them for 2-4 minutes until they become soft. Quickly throw in a colander and cool with water.
  2. Put the pan with aubergines in the microwave for 3-4 minutes at a power of 800-900 watts.
  3. Process the vegetables in a steamer 3-4 minutes.

The semi-finished product is ready, left to dry and put a thin layer on the frost. Only after that, the products are packed for storage.

Cooled eggplant spread to dryTo deep freeze one layer of eggplant slices takes 4-5 hours. If more than one layer is stacked, the time of freezing increases, and this is not entirely useful for preserving vitamins. Frozen eggplants for winter at home is a time-consuming and responsible process. Prepared vegetable is stacked in a packet

For preservation choose small fruits without the slightest damage, with elastic flesh. In this case, the best for harvesting will be varieties of late maturation.

Winter storage of frozen vegetables

Keep different foods in the freezer in a sealed packageDuring the whole period, it is necessary to ensure that a mixture of aromas does not form in the freezer. Such blanks as frozen dill should be kept in a sealed container, preferably in a separate chamber. He manages to spread his fragrance to the entire refrigerator. Other blanks draw an unnecessary smell. Therefore it is better to use special containers. It is good to have one-time packaging. I took it, opened it, I used it.

When power is cut off, do not open the cabinet door. Modern equipment keeps the cold for more than 12 hours, if not to break the circuit. Later, of course, you need an audit. If a part of the product melted, then you need to make caviar. Again, the eggplants can not be frozen.

How do I unfreeze the product correctly?

A portion of frozen eggplant can be set to gradually thaw in the refrigerator for several hours. You can put the slices on a plate and leave them on the table. The microwave oven is not advisable at the same time.

Video about the frozen eggplant for the winter

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