Device for removal of seeds from cherries with Aliexpress

removal of bones from cherryFor lovers of cherries is always the actual one problem: how quickly to clear a few kilograms of berries from the bones? After all, during the season, this berry is added to the pie, and pies, and smoothies, and ice cream. Even jam made of it. But the preparation takes too much time, because you need to get a stone from each berry. How can we accelerate this process? How to quickly sort out a few kilograms of cherries?

pincerNot so long ago in the market there was a remarkable device for removal of stones from a cherry. It looks like an ordinary container with a spout and a hole for the handle. Working with the gadget is very simple: you just need to press the lever, fill the cherries in a special place and press the handle onto the cherry. A purified cherry will fall from the container through the spout.

pitted berriesAdvantages of a device for removal of seeds from cherries:

  1. Simplicity. Do not have to push every cherry with your finger.
  2. Speed. For half an hour you can clean a few pounds of berries.
  3. Purity. Hands, clothes and a kitchen table will remain clean. Now you do not have to completely wash the kitchen of cherry juice.
  4. The berries are not deformed. Now you can decorate any dish with a beautiful cherry without a stone.
  5. Ecological compatibility. The device is made of environmentally friendly materials.
  6. Mechanical device. The device is not electric, so you do not need to look for an outlet and connect it to a network. You can work in any convenient place, even on the street.

Cherie Corer in the online storeBut the main question remains – how much does this wonderful device cost? Internet shops in Ukraine and Russia offer to buy this gadget for 490 rubles. And this at a discount of 35%. The price is acceptable, but let’s consider one more option.

Bone Remover for AliexpressOn the site of Aliexpress you can buy a device for removal of stones from the cherries for only 400 rubles. This is almost 100 rubles cheaper than in the domestic store at a discount.

Characteristics of the device for removing cherry pits:

  • material – plastic;
  • there is a removable bowl;
  • the color is white with red.

Thus, a device for removing seeds from cherries is better to buy from a Chinese manufacturer. It can be presented to a grandmother who likes to make jam, and just lovers of cherries. Enjoy ripe and delicious berries without pits.

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