Barberry and goji berries – what are the differences?

barberry and goji berriesUseful fruits of barberry often become the cause of outrage and the “apple of discord” of buyers who came to the market in search of goji berries. Unfair sellers often instead of the latter offer almost the same fruits, but – barberry. Of course, if the buyer is a knowledgeable person, and versed in the intricacies of gardening, notice the substitution will not be difficult. And what remains to be done by those who came for a purchase for the first time? After all, at first glance barberry can be taken for exotic berries.

Both barberry and goji berries have many useful properties and excellent taste qualities. But in the case where it is important to purchase a particular product, you need to pay attention to these points:

  • form and taste of fruits;
  • price and packing.

Form and taste of fruits

Externally, both barberry and goji berries are almost identical – small oblong-shaped fruits are painted in bright red color. But this only applies to fresh fruits. When drying, the barberry loses a saturated color and becomes darker, in addition, the shape is slightly rounded. But goji berries retain their original appearance.

The easiest way to determine which kind of berry is on the counter is to take one thing to sample. Barberry has a sensible sensation of crackling, and goji berries have a sweet taste.

One of the main differences between the fruits is that inside the barberry is a small bone, while the goji berries have small seeds.

Price and packaging

In contrast to barberry, red goji berries are sold in branded packages, on which the inscriptions are made more often in Chinese. Sometimes under them there is an English translation, but not Russian.

Well, if the cost of the goods is a considerable amount – definitely the buyer is not barberry, because its price is several times lower. This is used by dishonest vendors, substituting more expensive goji berries with popular barberry for the purpose of gaining easy profit.

What are the differences between red fruits?

Barbaris – a common culture, perennial shrub without any special difficulties is grown practically in any region. It does not require special conditions for growth, it is enough to water the plant in time and sometimes to prune to maintain the shape. Homeland of goji berries is China, therefore it is not possible to grow them everywhere, and this shrubbery is very demanding in the care.

The fruits of goji have a wider range of beneficial properties than barberry.

How to distinguish barberry from goji berries – video

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