Electric instantaneous water heater

Atom water heaterA flowing electric water heater is a device that is designed to heat a small volume of water. With the help of this heating device you can comfortably wash dishes, but to take a comfortable shower or quickly fill the bathtub is almost not realistic. Heating water temperature is from 40ABOUT C to 60ABOUT FROM.

Manufacturers produce models of water heaters with electric heaters. Also produce models of devices with a heating coil. Some accessories are supplied with some models, for example, a dishwashing nozzle, or a plastic faucet with a massage nozzle for comfortable hand washing.

The heating element can be a heating element with a magnesium anode located inside the body of the water heater. Also, one or two metal plates can protrude the heating elements. Such heating plates very quickly burn out, and water heaters fail.

Selecting a running water heater

When choosing a flow-through water heater, you need to pay attention to the warranty terms, additional equipment, heating element and safety group.

It is very important that the water heater is equipped with a water supply sensor. This sensor automatically switches off the power supply to the heating elements.

This function saves energy and protects the heating plates from failure, and plastic parts from melting. Some electric instantaneous water heaters are equipped with a thermometer for measuring the water temperature and a display for adjusting it.

Installation of instantaneous water heater

To install a flowing electric water heater, you need to remove the back cover of the device and adjust the heating element for a certain heating temperature. Then it is necessary to mark out the holes for fixing the electric water heater. Bolts for fastening are available in two versions: plastic rivets or stainless metal buttons. In the first case, the water heater is installed with silicone Velcro. For installation on metal buttons, drill holes with a perforator or drill.

A shut-off valve must be fitted to the cold water inlet. On the back of the water heater a hole is cut for the water circulation pipe, which is necessary for cooling the plastic parts. A hot-resistant hose is installed on the hot water outlet. Next, a dishwashing detergent is installed, complete with a heater.

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