How to correctly and when to mulch strawberries

mulching strawberry bedsMulching strawberries is the most important procedure for harvesting. Mulch retains moisture in the soil. Thanks to her berries will “gain juice” faster. In addition, the wrapped beds can be watered less often, so the roots of plants do not rot.

Due to the overabundance of moisture with abundant rainfall in the summer, berries can rot. Mulch prevents the decay of garden strawberries and the development of fungal diseases. Any material can be used as the mulching layer. The most common mulching materials:

  • black agribusiness;
  • sawdust with biohumus;
  • hay.

Each material has its advantages and disadvantages. Let’s look at each mulch in detail.

Advantages and disadvantages of agricultural fiber

Mulching with agrofiber or black spunbond is the most common way of mulching strawberries. The advantage of such a mulching material is its dense structure.

Under such mulch, moisture condenses, which favorably affects seedlings in the period of active growth. In rainy weather, this mulching material does not let the excess moisture to the roots of the strawberry garden.

Mulching beds with humus

Humus or rotted cow dung, mixed with wood sawdust, is a good mulch and a fertilizer for plants. During irrigation, nutrients will be absorbed into the soil.

This material is well suited for summer mulching, but in rainy weather mulch is absorbed by moisture. Therefore, the roots of garden strawberries rot. In rainy weather, in beds with such mulch, the risk of fungal diseases increases.

Mulching with hay and grass

The use of hay as mulch is the “golden mean” between agrofiber and organic natural fertilizers. The hay does not allow the excess moisture to flow to the roots of the plants, and when rotting, it gives the plants nutrients.

Nevertheless, this material also has its drawbacks. The fruits of garden strawberries, with such mulching, can be affected by fungal diseases.

In addition, with this mulching, weeds will appear on the bed. Therefore, every two weeks it is necessary to weed the beds.

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