How to make a Kalanchoe bloom

gentle flowering of KalanchoeIn most cases, new plants are produced by flower growers by acquiring a young bush in the store, while many are trying to choose a flowering plant, because you can see all the beauty and characteristics of the variety. Especially this applies to ornamental flowering plants, in particular Kalanchoe, which have a variety of shades of inflorescence.

In this case, often there is a situation where the Kalanchoe, blooming during the purchase, next season refuses to do it at home. Externally the plant is absolutely healthy, actively grows a hard hat, but does not lay flower buds.

To make the Kalanchoe bloom, you need to create the right conditions for it:

  • lighting;
  • temperature regime;
  • watering.

Light Day and Temperature

The flower likes good lighting, so the northern window sill is clearly not for him. In the summer, it is advisable to take out the pot on the street or put it on the balcony.

Flower buds at Kalanchoe are laid only in conditions of low temperature and short daylight hours. In autumn it is good to keep the pot on the street until the first frost. Thus, the Kalanchoe will have conditions that are as close as possible to the natural.

In winter, a flower pot should be placed near the window glass, where the temperature is usually lower.

For the formation of buds, the ideal night time should be 12-14 hours. If possible, the Kalanchoe should be placed in a room where the lighting will be natural: the sun shines during the day, and in the evening the light does not turn on often. If this is not possible, the flower can be covered every evening with a dark package that does not let light through. In the morning, remove the shelter.

Frequency of watering

Since the Kalanchoe is a succulent, it is able to accumulate moisture in its leaves and stems. For this reason, the plant does not tolerate copious and frequent watering, and stagnant moisture in the pot or pan can be disastrous for him.

Watering the flower is only necessary after the earth’s coma has dried completely.

After the Kalanchoe blossoms, it is recommended to shorten the shoots a little, so that the bush starts branching and has a beautiful shape. The resulting cuttings can be used for reproduction. Flowers, which have faded, must also be cut with scissors, because they only dry up, but do not fall off.

What to do if the Kalanchoe does not bloom – video

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