Personal subsidiary farming – livestock for beginners

personal part-time farmAnimal husbandry is a profitable business. On private farms of more than 20 square meters, workers are engaged in breeding cows and pigs. Growing cattle takes more than one year. In addition, to keep the cows you need to build a warm cowshed, which requires a lot of money. Especially tangible costs for a beginner farmer.

Therefore, small household animals and poultry are bred in private farms:

  • chickens;
  • ducks;
  • geese;
  • guinea-fowl;
  • turkeys;
  • sheep;
  • goats.

To maintain these animals, it is not necessary to create ideal conditions.

Bird content

If there are no moles and shrews on the site, a clay or earthen floor is made in the hen house and several placings are established. Every year before the start of the young chicken coop cleaned and covered with lime to protect the birds from coccidiosis.

Ducks and geese in addition to the premises need a small pond. Waterfowl has strong immunity, so geese are kept in wooden buildings without insulation, and ducks – in a common room with chickens.

In the poultry house, each species of animals should have its own separate zone with feeders and nipple drinkers. The distinction is made in order to avoid fights for territory and food. The zone of walking in ducks and chickens can be common.

Exotic birds, for example, guinea fowl or quail are kept in separate cells. For small birds different rooms are allocated to protect it from stress. A separate room with a closed zone of walking is better foreseeing for turkeys, otherwise other birds may die because of the battles over the territory.

The content of small cattle

Dairy goat breeding and sheep breeding did not take root in Russia at the industrial level due to the low yield of milk, but it is from goat and sheep milk that high-quality cheeses are made.

With one goat, you can get up to three liters of milk per day, the sheep meat – milk yields five liters. The plus for goat breeding and sheep breeding is that these animals can be kept in unheated rooms. Therefore, the breeding of goats and sheep for personal part-time farming is an excellent alternative to the widespread dairy cattle breeding.

In nature, goats and sheep spend all their time in the open country and go long distances. These animals are adapted to both low and high temperatures. The more sunlight and fresh air enters a room containing small animals, the stronger will be the immunity of animals.

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