Planting legumes in country gardens

bean seedsBean cultures have long spread throughout Europe and Asia. Dishes using beans occupy a special place in Mexican and English cuisine. Stewed in tomato sauce beans are very fond of cooking Americans. In China, beans are used in the preparation of sweet pies, and mutton peas and asparagus beans are widely used in preparing a large number of dishes of Egyptian and Jewish national cuisine. Bean cultures have gained popularity due to their useful properties and simplicity of their cultivation. If you plant legumes on your site, you will get not only tasty and healthy fruits, but also saturate the soil with nitrogen, which will favorably affect the development of other crops.

Soil preparation

Light sandy loamy soil is suitable for the cultivation of legumes. Beans like sunlight and heat, so the bed with legumes should be in a place well illuminated by the sun. To avoid stagnation of water, the bed should be on a hill. Legumes are planted in separate wells with a depth of 5 cm.

Before planting beans, peas, chickpeas and beans, the soil is disinfected with a weak pink solution of potassium permanganate.

In the holes before planting it is necessary to add horse manure or a solution of chicken manure. To prepare a nutrient solution, it is necessary to dissolve 200 ml of chicken lye in 10 liters of water. In order for legumes to grow well, their seeds must be soaked and properly planted beans in the open ground.

Collecting seeds and drying beans

Leguminous plants – green plants. Seeds of beans, peas and beans are harvested when the pods of the plants have turned yellow, and the stalk is completely dry. If you collect seeds of mutton peas, they need to be dried. After collecting the seeds, they are placed on a paper towel and dried under a hot summer sun. After three or four days the seeds of chickpea will be ready for storage in room conditions. Also come with pods of asparagus beans.

Seeds of beans, peas and beans do not need to be dried. They must be soaked before planting.

Planting legumes

When planting chickpeas, it is necessary to sow 5 seeds in one hole. Also come with peas. When planting beans and beans, two seeds are placed in the hole. Then the wells are covered with soil and well watered. After the appearance of the first shoots, the soil is loosened for better circulation of air in the soil.

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