Protect fruit trees whitewashing in spring and autumn

whitewashing of treesOne of the important tasks of gardeners is the whitewashing of trees. This procedure is carried out in the early spring to protect the bark of trees from sunburn. In addition, whitewashing has an aesthetic function. How to prepare a good solution for whitewashing tree trunks so that they are snow-white for a long time? This is described in detail in the following video story.

The author of the video recommends that you take 6 liters of water for 2 kg of lime (extinguished) and mix everything well. Next, add 1 liter of water-based paint and about 2 kg of clean fine sand (it helps to block pores in the bark, making it smooth). After thoroughly mixing all the ingredients, the mixture can be used for whitewashing trees. More – in the video story.

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