Removal of hyacinths at home

distillation of hyacinths at homeHyacinths are very easily selectable. Even today, new varieties of these flowers are derived, as they are in great demand during the spring holidays. However, hyacinths are also sold in the fall. In some regions of Russia they are sold on winter holidays. Considering the fact that bulbous plants do not tolerate winter frosts, hyacinths can not grow in the open ground for any holiday. In order to make this plant bloom at any time of the year, use the method of distilling flowers.

You can “drive out” any bulbous plants, but you can not use this method with seed flowers. It is due to the accumulation of nutrients in the bulb, hyacinths withstand the great stress that the florist exposes plants. Bulbs expelled in growth in winter or autumn are very difficult to root in the open in spring.

You can start the distillation after the period of rest. Sellers begin to drive out hyacinths in growth two months before the holiday date.

Hydroponic forcing

After the onset of the rest period, hyacinth bulbs are cleaned of soil debris. Further they are placed in a cool ventilated place where the air temperature is gradually increased from +10ABOUTFrom to +15ABOUTC. For five days, the bulbs do not come in contact with water. Then, when the rest period is broken, the bulbs are placed on special pallets with water.

It is very important that the water touches only the bottom of the bulb, otherwise the water will blossom, and the bulb will die.

There are special containers for forcing bulbous plants in the form of an hourglass. Pour water into the lower tank, and place the bulb in the upper bowl. When hyacinth forms a root system, its roots descend into a reservoir of water. Complex mineral fertilizers are dissolved in this reservoir.

At home, instead of a container for distilling, you can use a jar with a narrow neck.

When the roots reach a length of 10 cm, the flower is moved to a room with an air temperature of +24ABOUTC. To accelerate flowering, hyacinths are put under fluorescent light. Artificial lighting makes it possible to receive flowers a week earlier. To get flowers as early as possible, germinated bulbs are transplanted into the ground. For distilling hyacinths use a mixture of peat, sand and garden perlite in equal proportions.

Before planting the expelled hyacinths into the open ground in spring, the soil is fertilized with cow humus.

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