The garden path with your own hands (video)

track No dacha site can do without a garden path, using a minimum of costs and a maximum of desire, you can make a decorative summer cottage with your own hands. To do this, you need a special plastic form, cement, sand and water.

The first step is the foundation of the future path in the form of a small trench in the form of a dug out section of soil 10 cm deep, where the future track will be laid.

Preliminary, the starting layer is made from dropping droppings, broken bricks, slag, rubble (construction debris). Then the base is watered and tamped. The second layer is made from a sand mound and an even ground is laid for the future path. After this, you can proceed to create a track with cement mortar and mold.

Such a path will be the decoration of any court. How to make it correctly, is told on the video.

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