We grow houses of variegated Aglaonem: planting plant peculiarities

variegated AglaonemaAglaonema is the representative of the family of Aroids. This plant is ornamental-deciduous and has very beautiful large leaves, due to which it is widely used for growing in offices and private houses. In natural conditions, Aglaonem leaves have a monophonic color – they are colored green. At home, there are more variegated varieties with a pattern on the leaves.

Aglonema very well reproduces by layers. Over time, around the adult bush, babies are formed. When they grow up and form their own root system, they are separated from the mother plant and transplanted into a separate pot, thus obtaining a new bush.

What pot is needed by Aglauname?

For planting aglaonemy it is better to use shallow bowls, because the roots do not grow far into it.

If such a flowerpot is not at hand, one can take an ordinary pot, but it is necessary to pour a good drainage layer into it, filling at least 1/3 of the height of the container.

This will significantly reduce the volumes of the flowerpot: there will be no excess land in the pot, and the water will pass well through the drainage, which will eliminate the risk of decaying the roots. In addition, a small pot should be used for a young plant. In a spacious pot of Aglaonema can not master all the soil, will grow poorly and can hurt.

What kind of land does a flower like?

Aglaonema loves a light and nutritious leafy earth, in a hard soil it is difficult for her to form babies. Two types of soil can be used to grow the flower:

  1. Mixture of store substrates: for ornamental-deciduous plants and for orchids. The first soil mixture is too loose and has a caking property, which is not very good for Aglaonema. But if you dilute it with the same amount of substrate for the orchids, you get the optimal variant of the soil for the aroids.
  2. For those florists who prefer to prepare the soil mixture themselves, it is necessary to prepare and mix in equal parts humus and leaf earth, add about a third of the river sand, as well as a little charcoal and bark.

How to plant?

If a young plant has managed to grow long roots, they should not be cut off, but it is better to lay it gently and spread it in a pot, sprinkling it with earth. Sometimes the Aglaonema has to be located at the very edge of the pot, so that there is a place for laying the roots, but there is nothing wrong with that.

When planting Aglaonema, it should be remembered that its roots are very fragile, so it is not necessary to compact the soil around the bush too much, so as not to break them.

How much light does a flower need?

Like all the aroids, Aglaonema does not tolerate direct sunlight, although it is this plant among all the rest of the family that needs a brighter illumination. This is due to the fact that the leaf blade of the plant has a lighter pattern, and all variegated varieties are known to require light more than flowers with pure-green leaves.

What you need to know about growing Aglaonema – video

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