We lay a lawn track on the suburban area

walkwayThe green path is an excellent decoration of the country plot. To make such a path it is necessary to level the plot, dig out the ground, put the tile and sow lawn grass. For the green path, you can use both seed and roll lawn. In the rolled lawn, cut holes for the stepping tiles.

The disadvantage of this path is that the lawn around the stones will need to be cut manually, as the lawn mower blades will blunt on the stepping tiles. Consider the stages of arranging the green path.

Digging and alignment of the site

To arrange the green path, you need to dig the soil onto the bayonet of the shovel. The sod that you dig out of the soil can be laid on a sunny place with a root system up, the turf rotates, and you get an excellent compost. The next stage in the arrangement of the track is the alignment of the site.

Since during the digging you have removed the turf from the area, the formed cavity will have to be filled with several buckets of soil. When adding land, be sure to use the level.

For leveling the surface rake and construction roller are used. With the help of rake level the area where the track will pass, and with the help of the roller compact the resulting soil crumb. After the first rolling, the unevenness of the soil will be noticeable, which again must be removed by rakes. Then the surface is rammed again with a construction skating rink. This process is repeated until the site becomes absolutely level.

Stepping plates and lawn sowing

After the area is leveled, it is necessary to excavate the slots for the slabs and to sow the lawn. In order to have the same distance between plates, it is necessary to use a construction roulette. First, measure the length of the entire track, and then the length of each tile to calculate the required number of plates. After the first two tiles are dug in the ground, measure the distance between them. With the help of a roulette and a peg in the ground make grooves at the same distance from each other: “the length of the tile” + “the distance between them.” On these depressions lay a tile.

Between the stepping slabs and across the entire area of ​​the path, a lawn is sown. Seeds need to be sprinkled with earth. Lawn must be watered every day. After 10 days, grass grass will appear in height from 3 to 5 cm, and watering can be done once in three days. Along this path, you can sow not only the lawn, but also curb flowers.

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